Think Global, Eat Local: Earth Day 2010

Earth from Apollo 17 1
Earth from Apollo 17

Celebrate the earth and yourself this year.  Eat locally.

It seems almost too simple that choosing foods that are

1. Cuts down on greenhouse gases:

Eating locally produced foods cuts down on green house gases.  The food does not have to travel very far.  It is really fresh, no refrigeration for fruits and veggies that were picked that day.

2. Less Pesticides and Fertilizer:

Most (but not all) local farmers use organic and biodynamic practices.  This cuts down on fertilizer and pesticides, which are actually petroleum products and increase our dependence on oil.  Not to mention the health benefits of organic food.  It is good to ask the farmer about their practices at the market or in your CSA.

3. Helps the oceans and rivers:

Eating organic helps the waterways and fish.  Excess fertilizer runs off into the streams and rivers, causing algae blooms which drastically reduces fish populations.  That means less for you to eat!

4. Benefits small businesses and local economies:

Buying local helps the small family farms keep doing what they love.  This helps to build communities, create jobs, and grow the economy in your area.

5. It’s Delicious and Nutritious:

You’re tired and worn out after a long trip, well so is your food.  Local and organic food is more nutritious and has more taste.  So you’ll actually enjoy it.

It is easy to begin to shop for local food.  Go to your farmer’s market, or join a community supported agriculture group in your area.

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Joseph Alban

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.

Joseph Alban is a Doctor of Acupuncture, New York Licensed Acupuncturist, and NCCAOM Board Certified Herbalist providing the highest quality Acupuncture and Chinese medicine care tailored to your needs.

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