Acupressure (Tui Na)

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What is Tui Na?

Like acupuncture, Tui Na, or acupressure, works to balance disharmony in the body. Tui Na uses the Chinese medical massage techniques. Tui Na, combined with acupuncture, is very powerful to help the treatment have lasting results.What is different about Joseph’s Tui Na?

How does Tui Na work?

Tui na works to harmonize the imbalances in the body and promoting relaxation

Is Tui Na or acupressure for me?

Almost everyone can benefit from Tui Na to improve health, decrease pain, and feel great. Call us at 212-319-5757 and ask how Tui Na can help you.

What is different about Joesph’s Tui Na?

Joseph went to Hunan, China to study Tui Na with Dr. Xiao, a teacher famous for his massage techniques in treating orthopedic diseases and pain management. Dr. Xiao’s Tui Na is based upon the concepts of harmonizing and balancing problems within the body. 

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