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Alban Acupuncture

At Alban Acupuncture, we strive to bring the highest quality acupuncture and Chinese Medicine care to New York City.

We create personalized therapies including acupuncture, tui na, Chinese herbal medicine, and essential oils.

The practice is led by Joseph Alban, who has published widely on chronic pain, skin conditions, and pelvic conditions. Read more about Alban Acupuncture. Read more about Joseph Alban, L.Ac…

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Acne? Lower back pain? Pelvic Pain? Migraine headaches? IBS? Eczema? Herniated discs? Menstrual Cramps? Neck Pain?

Our Services

Traditional Healing for the
Modern World

Beautiful <br>& Calming Office

& Calming Office

Our office was designed for a peaceful experience. Calming the mind and body is part of the healing process.
Convenient Hours <br>& Online Scheduling

Convenient Hours
& Online Scheduling

We know it’s hard to make time to heal. That’s why we have hours before and after work and easy online scheduling so you can get the holistic care you need.
Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care

Our philosophy places caring and understanding central to the healing process. Listening is our specialty.

What Patients Are Saying

– T.D. from NYC

I stumbled into Alban Acupuncture 3 years ago after trying countless things including doctors, specialist, and prescription medication. At the time I was having a host of issues that I didn’t know were intricately related. I suffered from endless cycles of adult acne which took a tole on my self confidence level. If that wasn’t enough, 7-12 days out of the month I would not feel myself with PMS symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue.

– M.G. from NYC

For seven straight days every month I suffered from migraines. Both my mother and sister also had the same condition so for years I had written it off as hereditary and tried managing the migraines with medication. I’d have to keep switching medications as I’d build up a tolerance and didn’t want to keep increasing my dosage.

– Patient from NYC

After suffering for months from horrible, nagging sinus headaches, further complicated by the cumulative stress from caring for my 17-month-old child, I chose to give acupuncture a try. It has been one of the best health decisions that I have made for myself. When I was first diagnosed with sinusitis many months ago, I was prescribed antibiotics and other medication.

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