Here’s what patients are saying about Alban Acupuncture…

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Shoulder pain had become a constant problem in my life, affecting not just my workouts and golf, but also my daily work. I’d tried various treatments, but it wasn’t until I sought out Dr. Alban’s acupuncture expertise that I found genuine relief.

From our first session, Dr. Alban made me feel comfortable.  He exhibited a deep understanding of my pain and its implications on my life. Remarkably, after just a few visits of acupuncture and cupping, the pain started diminishing. I owe my restored mobility and zest for life to Dr. Alban. His services come highly recommended for anyone seeking effective pain relief.

F.T.- Jersey City, NJ

I stumbled into Alban Acupuncture 3 years ago after trying countless things including doctors, specialist, and prescription medication. At the time I was having a host of issues that I didn’t know were intricately related. I suffered from endless cycles of adult acne which took a tole on my self confidence level. If that wasn’t enough, 7-12 days out of the month I would not feel myself with PMS symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue to mood swings and even such poor level of concentration as to be mentally absent at work. The nail in the coffin for me was interrupted sleep. I would wake up at 2 am and not sleep again till 7 am. That was what sent me searching for something wholistic. Glad to note that It turned out to be one of my best investment since moving to NYC.

Working with Joseph at Alban Acupuncture has been an awesome journey. I started with telling him my problem areas and he quickly knew just what I was referring to and explained how the body functions work intercity together and the imbalance of one system impacts so many others. I did one session a week for three weeks and saw some results — at this point I was too curious so  I HAD to continue. 6 months in, I was pretty hooked. 3 years later I make sure to block time on my calendar for my weekly visits. I do weekly sessions and for the beginning part of my acupuncture  journey I took herbs that Joseph prescribed in between session so they work synergistically with the acupuncture to ignite an enhanced wholistic healing process. My sleep is nearly perfect, very low PMS symptoms, almost no acne, and any aches  and pains that come along with exercise leaves after my weekly session.  This is a part of my self-care routine and I encourage you to make it a consistent part of yours. Be patient with it and prioritize it … your body will thank you.

T.B- New York City

Dr. Alban has been an essential part of maintaining my health and happiness for the past 6 years.  From treating tendonitis in my knee (and helping me safely run over 6 marathons) to managing anxiety, gut/health issues and most recently treating and managing my long haul covid symptoms, I don’t know where I would be without his practice and compassionate approach to my treatment and overall wellbeing.  Regularly coming to his practice has been a game changer for me.

C.P., New York City

I have always had back pain here or there. But when I started jogging last spring, I began to have an intensely sharp pain in my tailbone area. X-rays showed nothing wrong. I went to a chiropractor for six months. The pain subsided some, but it was still painful. I could barely sit for five minutes without saving to get up or adjust. I started going to Joe after a colleague highly recommended him. Within three sessions the pain was substantially subsiding. Besides that, I felt better overall – I slept better, I was more relaxed, and I just felt good. After seeing Joe for about five months or so, the pain is completely gone. I’ve even increased my jogging schedule, but the pain is still gone! He also taught me stretching exercises to maintain my healing and recommended I take tai chi for strengthening my lower back.
On another note, when I had a horrible sinus infection, I went to him for treatment. I woke up the next day and was almost 100% better. One acupuncture treatment and some herbs did the trick. I have already recommended Joe to several colleagues and will continue to go to him for maintenance as long as I live here. He is the nicest, caring, and talented person – I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

P.C., Manhattan

I came to Alban Acupuncture a year ago. My major concern was chronic pain in my neck, back and shoulder. I tried physical therapy, chiropractor, massage and acupuncture without lasting results. After a few months of being treated by Joseph, my condition significantly improved. Presently I’m coming once a month to maintain a good shape. I think Joseph’s method is unique because he combines acupuncture with Chinese massage. Joseph is also helping me with many other problems like palpitations, low energy, stress, seasonal allergies, old knee injury, ankle sprain… Joseph gives a lot of attention to his patients. His approach is holistic. In the beginning of my visit I tell Joe my current complains and he is addressing them in the same session with my chronic neck/back problems. Overall experience from my visits ( I commute from Staten Island to get there!) is so positive that I’d definitely recommend Alban Acupuncture to my friends.

G.M., Staten Island

I suffered from chronic neck pain for more than 4 yrs before being treated by Joseph Alban. As a registered Yoga teacher, I was looking for a treatment that did not involve a prescription medicine that treated only the symptom rather than the underlying cause of the problem. It was the first time I’d ever tried acupuncture and to my amazement Joe took the time to listen and answer any questions and concerns I had regarding my health. After several treatments I started to see results and after several months I was completely pain free! I highly recommend Alban’s acupuncture to anyone with chronic pain.

Patient, New York City

Joe is a very caring and concerned practitioner. He is a great listener, which is so important for any kind of caregiver, I think. With his treatments and herb remedies he has prescribed a nagging elbow/shoulder pain problem has gone away. I also have had dramatic improvement with urination issues, watering eyes, and sleep. I am continuing to see him as we are working on some lingering lower back issues.


I recently began acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment with Joseph Alban. This was my first time trying Chinese medicine and I would like to share this very interesting and helpful experience. For me acupuncture treatments worked very quickly and totally healed constant back pain that I have had for years. This remarkable effect has been lasting for 3 months, which is the first time I have found relief. Also, for years, I had a very uncomfortable pain and swelling in my legs. Same as the back pain, the acupuncture and herbs improve a lot this. After few months, I have felt relief from many of my symptoms and an improvement in my general well being. Even my tongue has changed!!!

Monica, Nutrition and Medical Researcher, Hoboken, NJ

I was specifically interested in addressing my chronic neck pain which began two years ago following an accident. The pain in my neck and lower arm improved almost immediately, and continued to improve following the six visits over a two month period. I attribute my recovery solely to acupuncture and the related exercises that Joe taught me. Throughout this process I also became much more relaxed and better attuned to my body in general. I highly recommend Joe Alban, Acupuncture and Herbs to anyone interested in addressing a health issue.

Michelle, NYC

Dr. Alban has been an essential part of maintaining my health and happiness for the past 6 years.  From treating tendonitis in my knee (and helping me safely run over 6 marathons) to managing anxiety, gut/health issues and most recently treat and manage my long haul covid symptoms, I don’t know where I would be without his practice and compassionate approach to my treatment and overall wellbeing.  Regularly coming to his practice has been a game changer for me.


I started seeing Joe in mid-2012 at the age of 28. I was newly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, have battled Interstitial Cystitis for 6 years, have chronic allergies and sinus including headaches, and have chronic constant stress and anxiety since I was a teenager. I was tired of feeling sick, stressed, and being on so many prescription medications. I had heard many great things about acupuncture, but always delayed trying it out, not sure if it would really work for me. I wanted to find someone who could mainly help my IC, and when I googled an acupuncturist in NYC for IC, Joe’s website came up. I am so glad it did, because ever since starting acupuncture with Joe, my health, body, and life has been better in all aspects.

Acupuncture is a natural high for me, and when I leave after my treatment, I feel incredibly relaxed and calm, which helps with my stress and anxiety, not just in that moment, but continuing throughout the week. Acupuncture is also incredibly great for pain and works very fast for all kinds of pain. One time I had a pulled muscle in my lower back, but after one acupuncture treatment, I was running after 2 days. One time I had such a bad headache that I wanted to go to the ER, but I went to Joe instead, and walked out almost headache free. Acupuncture helps a lot with my allergies and sinus problems, especially headaches.

Joe is so patient, answers all of my questions, every single time I see him, which is usually weekly, since that works for me. Since I feel healing through acupuncture, I know that over time, I won’t even need to go as often because acupuncture is more than a medicine that masks your symptoms or covers up ailments. It heals your body, brings it into alignment and balance. That is what it is doing for me. Acupuncture has helped me with stomach and intestinal problems, from acid reflux to Crohn’s to my stomach being upset, whether constipation or diarrhea. It has helped my bladder pain and irritation from IC. It has greatly helped my stress and anxiety.

Joe is so great, not only for being kind and patient and answering all my questions, but he answers emails too, and is very accommodating for patients and their schedules. The evening hours really work well for me and allow me to come each week. Also Joe gave me some herbal options and remedies that I take to help with my bladder symptoms and to help with regular menstruation, which is taking me towards getting off prescriptions, and being completely natural and holistic, which is my goal. I am so thankful to have found Joe and I would recommend Alban acupuncture to everyone (I already do), for no matter what pain, ailment, or health issue that you have. Acupuncture is such a positive addition to my life, and would be to anyone’s. I know it will always be a part of my life. Go natural healing!

A.B., New York City

I came to Joe last year after suffering through the worst months I have yet to experience. I felt the constant urge to urinate along with bladder pressure, and the UTI tests kept coming back negative. I was taking trips to the bathroom every half hour and getting up around three times a night. I went to specialists all over the city, without getting any answers. I was sent for ultrasounds and even an MRI, all tests coming back normal again and again. Some doctors simply told me there was nothing wrong with me and to go home and “relax”. Another told me it was depression and put me on anti-depressants without any history of mental issues. I was finally put on Elmiron for Interstitial Cystitis without ever being quite convinced of my diagnosis. I was terrified I would never be able to lead a normal life again – not being able to leave my apartment because of the fear of not having a bathroom close by, or not being able to resume a normal sex life with my live-in boyfriend. Riding the subway was out of the question and my lifestyle of being an outdoor enthusiast – traveling, hiking, snowboarding, etc. – was completely shattered. I tried homeopathy which improved my condition slightly although I was still suffering and completely confused with what was happening to me. I’ve never felt so disconnected and actually angry with my body. Being a healthy person my entire life, this sudden change left me incredibly depressed. I was at my lowest point – ready to give up and feeling that life was just not worth living this way. Nothing was helping and I was looking for any type of release. The battle with my mind was overwhelming, all I wanted was to feel comfortable again for even just a few hours! After being threatened with cystoscopy and being adamantly opposed to resorting to anything invasive unless absolutely necessary, I started looking elsewhere. I’ve heard many good things about acupuncture in the past, although I was not aware of it’s wide range of healing abilities. Joe was absolutely incredible – the first time I met him he gave me hope that I would get through this and a further understanding of my body and all of it’s connections. I was instantly comfortable enough around him to open up about everything I was going through and how much my life had changed in the past couple months. I started receiving treatment – a combination of acupuncture once a week and herbs taken daily – and noticed a difference almost immediately. The day after I received the weekly acupuncture treatment was always my best day. It is a relatively slow healing process because you are actually healing your body, rather than masking the real issue with a medication that has numerous side effects. Acupuncture not only alleviated the pressure in my bladder and the urge to urinate, it lifted my spirit and changed my perspective towards my body. I am forever grateful for finding Joe!

F. M., Brooklyn

I volunteered to write a testimonial for Joe because he has completely changed my life. Before my first acupuncture appointment a few months ago, several urologists told me that I had overactive bladder (OAB), and a urogynecologist told me that I had interstitial cystitis (IC). I was confused about the diversity of diagnoses, and I felt powerless because none of the medication that doctors prescribed helped to decrease the sense of urgency to urinate. In addition, finding out that I had OAB as a result of multiple UTI’s had been upsetting enough, but the subsequent diagnosis of IC caused intense anxiety. My diagnosis and symptoms began to consume my life, and I wondered how I would ever feel happy again. I would fall asleep almost every night thinking about the burning burning sensation in my bladder, and I would worry about not being able to sleep throughout the night. As a teacher, I found it was difficult to get through my classes without wanting or needing to go the bathroom. I was distressed about the hundreds and hundreds of dollars that I had spent on doctors and medications. I even tried another acupuncturist who was affiliated with a hospital in NYC, and I almost gave up when it didn’t help. Fortunately, I found Joe’s website and I read a testimonial written by a woman with similar symptoms who had found relief as a result of Joe’s help. When I spoke with Joe on the phone, I was immediately comforted by his calm tone, patience in navigating my numerous questions, knowledge about OAB and IC, and optimism that he could help me.  After my first two visits, my symptoms improved tremendously, and I started functioning like a “normal” human being again. I saw Joe once a week for the first 12 weeks, and I now see him 3 times a month. I absolutely love going to each appointment because he is consistently compassionate and resourceful, and his approach is effective. In addition to helping me with my bladder problems, he has also helped me with allergies and colds. If you’re looking for a holistic solution to any problem, set up an appointment!

Simone, New York City

Joe combines his compassion with his expertise to find the solution that is right for what you need. At our first meeting he took the time to listen and understand what my problem was. Using his expertise show has treated my pelvic pain for over a year now and I have seen excellent results, better than what I experienced with physical therapy. As my recovery continues Joe is receptive to my feedback and continues to modify the treatments to what works best for me.


I went to Joseph Alban after suffering from severe pelvic pain and prostatitis. I originally thought the pain was brought on from an infection. However, I now believe it was due to stress from a variety of life changes occurring at once, i.e. anxiety over health, a move to another country, family issue and finances. I have had prostatitis several times since college which I thought were from infections. But upon reflection, I have come to realize that each bout with prostate pain was probably from stress. Through Joseph Alban acupuncture, I discovered that there is indeed a link between the mind and the body. In addition, I learned that stress is a major cause of dysfunction and imbalance. The treatments I received from Joseph have helped me tremendously in terms of treating the pain and ultimately the anxiety. I now do not have to sit in a tub of hot water every 4 hours to eliminate the pain. Nor do I have constant debilitating pain. Joseph is very knowledgeable, a great teacher and a patient person whose treatments are very effective and reasonably priced. I plan to re-visit him for several appointments upon my return to the United States and would recommend him to friends and colleagues.

D.F., Manhattan

I went to see Joe for an overactive bladder condition. Almost immediately, I noticed a reduction in my urinary urges and frequency, directly related to Joes acupuncture and exercises from my physical therapy. I was not only impressed with the immediacy of results, but also with Joes warm, down-to-earth nature and professionalism. He made it comfortable for me to openly discuss a topic that was embarrassing for me, and he is always a good listener a quality lacking with many Western medicine practitioners. Also, Joe is open to questions, whether youre seeing him for a visit or e-mailing him from home. You can count on him to follow-up with specific information. Early on, Joe discussed methods for me to gradually retrain my bladder and the importance of consistently doing my therapeutic exercises. Four months into working with him, I am now on an acupuncture maintenance schedule. I have no doubt my condition would not have made the quick and steady turnaround it has without Joes treatments and sound advice.

S.M., New Jersey

I went to Joe with chronic pelvic pain along with a general feeling of malaise. I had never had acupuncture before and it was an act of desperation on my part. Joe took an active and sincere interest in what was bothering me. Somehow he has learnt all the secrets of the East while studying in China. It is now about 3 months since I first started seeing Joe and I have never felt better. Seeing Joe was one of the best decisions of my life. I consider Joe my friend and I recommend him without any reservation.

Y.H., Brooklyn

I came to Joe because I was suffering from prostatitis and my urologist suggested that I give acupuncture a try. After searching in New York I learned that Joe had a lot of experience with pelvic pain patients, so I decided to give him a try. Joe is incredibly knowledgeable in the ways of Eastern medicine, having gone straight to the source and studied in China. He can also talk about the modern scientific theories of why acupuncture is effective. I felt confident that I was getting acupuncture treatments from someone with the utmost expertise. After a 12-week combination of western and eastern medicine, I have to say I’m feeling much, much better. Joe also treated and improved the anxiety I had stemming from my prostate problems. Thanks a lot Joe!

T.C., New York City

After suffering for months from horrible, nagging sinus headaches, further complicated by the cumulative stress from caring for my 17-month-old child, I chose to give acupuncture a try. It has been one of the best health decisions that I have made for myself. When I was first diagnosed with sinusitis many months ago, I was prescribed antibiotics and other medication, which did help me recover from the terrible cold and relieve my sinus symptoms. However, since then, every time the weather changed, I was completely debilitated by a horrible sinus headache. I was afraid of future never-ending cycles of antibiotics (or even Tylenol), but caring for my child required me to be functional at full capacity. I was very afraid of the horrendous sinus pain, and was desperate for long-term relief. I did a lot of research and came across acupuncture, including articles that Joe Alban has published online on this topic. I decided to give acupuncture a try, as my doctor has told me acupuncture is a safe alternative from western medicine (i.e., no harm in trying).

Joe is not only very skilled in his techniques (I have never suffered any bruise; I could barely feel the needles), he is very informative and has educated me a great deal about acupuncture. The treatment room is clean and comfortable. Most importantly, after 6 or 7 treatments, I am already feeling drastic improvements of my condition. It is very encouraging for me to know that my body can be restored in a holistic manner, and it is capable to repairing itself. I am very happy to report that my sinus headache, even though it is still present from time to time (as I am not completely through with my treatment), has now become very manageable. Without the sinus pain, I am again able to engage in other activities (such as pilates) which more directly help me reduce stress and improve physical back pain. I am also able to enjoy the outdoor again with my child without the fear of feeling sick simply because the weather changes. I thank Joe and acupuncture for setting me back into a positive health cycle. I highly recommend Joe’s practice to anyone interested.

Patient, NYC

I came in to see Joseph without a recommendation (based on his information on the Alban website) with acute sinusitis and a disjointed thumb. We agreed was in direct correlation with the full sinuses (since parts of the hand reflect the face). After 1 session, I felt at least 80% better. The horrible migraines associated with sinusitis dissipated the evening of my first session and I felt I was on the road to recovery. I went in for a second session for my disjointed thumb. It was still very sore and I am the victim of – “Blackberry Thumb” – the latest in tech maladies where it feels as if you have tendonitis of the thumb – ouch! Not fun for a full-time secretary and Blackberry user. After another session, I was relaxed and Joseph really understands the body, mind and spirit. We both have the same belief that “the body will heal itself” and it can. I am trying to limit my topical remedies as well as over the counter muscle relaxers. Just doing the exercises/stretches that Joseph instructed me to do and taking it easy. The next step is too really rebuild my immune system and take better care with a satisfactory diet and exercise regime. I would highly recommend Joseph. His rates are reasonable, his demeanor and personality – stellar, I feel safe, relaxed and totally satisfied with the service Joseph provides. He is inspiring and a master of his medicinal craft!

L.T., New York City

I came to see Doctor Joseph Alban because I suffered from migraine very often. I also felt tired and depressed. In addition to the lessening of the migraine frequency I also learned a lot about myself and the imbalances of my body by talking and being listened to by Doctor Joseph Alban. I also appreciate his original approach including acupuncture, Tui Na massage and Chinese herbs. I really feel better.

Isabelle, Jersey City

For seven straight days every month I suffered from migraines. Both my mother and sister also had the same condition so for years I had written it off as hereditary and tried managing the migraines with medication. I’d have to keep switching medications as I’d build up a tolerance and didn’t want to keep increasing my dosage. I went to Joseph Alban for acupuncture treatment and after a month of regular sessions the migraines stopped. I no longer have to take medication seven days out of the month. Joseph Alban helped me cure my migraines and even managed to convince me to improve my diet and eat breakfast in the mornings. I found him to have a very kind, calming nature so my treatments were always a pleasant experience. I am very happy with the results from my acupuncture treatments and would recommend anyone who suffers from migraines to visit him and give acupuncture a try.


I first came to Joe for relief from debilitating sinus headaches. Sinus problems run in my family, and I’d suffered from sinus headaches for years, but I had immediate results with acupuncture. Even after the first visit, I noticed a drastic change. After just a month of treatment, my sinus headaches were completely gone — in fact, I haven’t taken a single sinus pill since I started acupuncture. In addition to wiping out the headaches, acupuncture has increased my energy level and has helped me deal with stress and anxiety. I really look forward to my acupuncture appointments with Joe. I come out feeling relaxed and refreshed, as if the stress of the week has just completely melted away.

E.R., Professor, New York City

Dr. Joe has been instrumental in my healing journey.  He has extensive knowledge and experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Master herbalist, he is indeed!  I am so incredibly thankful to have found a practitioner with a heart for healing.  I was struggling and suffering for a few years with a horrible form of eczema on my hands that was progressively getting worse.  Daily functional activities became difficult to manage.  Conventional dermatologists just put a bandaid (steroids)  on my issue and in the mess of it all, it made the problem worse.  I knew I had to go another direction for answers and I’m so very grateful that I did.  

Dr. Joe successfully restored my skin integrity with herbal teas and all WITHOUT the side effects that western conventional medicine can trigger.  Now don’t get me wrong, conventional medicine definitely has its place, but for my condition, it just made inflammation worse.  Joe has a calm assertiveness about him which is very reassuring especially when you are dealing with a persistent inflammatory condition.  With a patient listening ear, he evaluates the problem at hand and carefully tailors treatment to target the problem at its root.  I cannot recommend Dr. Joe enough, he is the absolute best!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Joe!

TD, Florida

I was in a lot of pain with rosacea.  Besides the redness, the tingling, throbbing, itch and heat were all mostly constant.  Because I had not experienced the condition before, I was actually surprised by how debilitating rosacea is; and, how dermatological treatments revolve around antibiotics and steroids.  While helpful in easing symptoms, I was very concerned about the treatments’ long-term use and side effects.    

I was fortunate to find an article by Dr. Alban about the benefits of acupuncture and TCM for addressing rosacea problems/disease.   Dr. Alban focuses on healing at a holistic level, and in rebalancing “heat” in the body.  These are both necessary to treat the underlying reasons for rosacea.  After speaking with me at length about my specific skin experience and challenges, Dr. Alban set up a protocol of weekly acupuncture treatments augmented by medicinal herbs (in the form of tea).  Only three months later, my frequent rosacea flare-ups are gone; my overall health is significantly improved; and, I am looking forward to maintaining rosacea free skin.   I am very grateful and I hope whomever is reading this testimonial will contact Dr. Alban as soon as you can. 

Dr. Joseph Alban is an extraordinary practitioner and researcher, and I enthusiastically recommend him without reservation.  

Grace, New York City

Before visiting Dr. Alban’s office, I had been suffering with recurrent acne for about 2-3 years. I tried topicals, face washes and other remedies, none of which could keep the acne completely away. I’ve always been interested in TCM and drawn to a more holistic form of medicine and I soon realized that these remedies and topicals would never get to the root cause of my acne. After a year of consideration, I found Dr. Alban on the Acupuncture database website, it was the first one that was in the city, not too far from me and I immediately made an appointment. My skin was red, inflamed and cystic and was starting to affect me emotionally. 

Dr. Alban answered all my questions and went through what my treatment would be. After the first few weeks of personalized herbs and acupuncture (along with light and cupping), I noticed less inflammation. And after 2 months, my skin was beginning to heal and clear up. Sometimes we needed to change the formula and I appreciate that any changes were made thoughtfully and we would track for results. Most of us want immediate results, but I knew that my body needed to take its time to come back to a balance. We were treating the root cause. I couldn’t believe how much inflammation was being stored in my body and the effect it had on the rest of my body and skin. I learned the importance of diet and handling stress. Now herbs are such a big part of my daily life. It’s been proven to me that herbs and diet are truly amazing. An added plus, being still mentally (during my acupuncture sessions) also made such a difference in my emotional and physical health. I always feel calm and renewed after appointments. I don’t plan to stop visiting the office. It feels like self care now. So if you just need a reset, get some acupuncture! 

 I always recommend Dr. Alban to friends and family because I truly trust his knowledge in TCM and I am super grateful for the work that he does.

C.A., Connecticut

Before I found Dr. Alban, my life was ruled by hives. I had tried every over-the-counter solution and prescription medication my doctor could prescribe, but nothing seemed to bring lasting relief. I felt hopeless and frustrated. The persistent itching and discomfort had taken a toll on my physical well-being and emotional health.  At the suggestion of a friend I tried acupuncture with Dr. Alban. 

I felt relief after just the first session and saw a noticeable reduction in my hives. Taking the prescribed herbal formula became a daily routine that I looked forward to. Over a few weeks, my symptoms significantly improved. I saw fewer outbreaks, the itching was much less severe, and when hives did appear, they resolved more quickly.

Dr. Alban’s holistic approach to my hives was not just about treating the symptoms but also about understanding and addressing the root cause. His treatment has been life-changing, and I would recommend him to anyone suffering from hives or any other chronic condition.

AM, Brooklyn

Before I started the treatment by Joe, I had been suffering from eczema for more than 20 years. The skin on my face was red and irritated almost constantly, and my hand eczema prevented me to stretch my hands open. I was on heavy steroid treatments for years, and I was so frustrated that my eczema kept coming back after a couple of days of relief. Joe tailored the herbal medicine formula for my case, and after just a few months, my condition has improved significantly. Although it’s a slow progress, I prefer a gentler and more effective way of treating my stubborn eczema by herbs and acupuncture to reduce inflammation. Now my skin has a lot less bouts of irritation, and it goes away quickly without using cortisone cream.

I also have a chronic shoulder pain due to an injury for several years, and it used to interrupt me from getting work or even daily chores done. My orthopedic told me that I needed some cortisone shots to ease the pain, but I decided to try an alternative before going for cortisone shots. After just one acupuncture session, I was surprised how great my shoulder felt, and my shoulder continues to improve with each treatment. I am very happy with Joe’s treatments for both my chronic pain and skin problems, and I would recommend Alban Acupuncture with confidence.

I.M, Brooklyn

For many years in my adult life, I have suffered from cystic acne that would flare up during stressful periods in my life as well as during hormonal cycles. After years of unsuccessful and very harsh treatments from various dermatologists, I decided to research the use of acupuncture to treat my acne. I have been a patient of Dr. Alban for the last six months, and attend acupuncture sessions twice a month in conjunction with the herbal formulas that are prescribed. As a result, my acne has diminished dramatically and I feel an overall sense of health improvement. Dr. Alban is practitioner who understands and treats the underlying causes of a condition and is extremely professional courteous.

Laura, New York City

Joe has that combination of compassion, intelligence, and insight that’s needed in any school of healing. When I first met him, he told me people don’t come to him for stress, but they should. Several months later I came to him with flaring asthma, migraines, recurring colds, back pain, and various other physical manifestations of stress. I was sheepish that I had waited until I had no choice but to take care of myself, but I got no judgment from him. He just got to work on what we had to deal with. He’s supportive of my desire to wean off some of the medications I take, but doesn’t pressure me to get rid of them all. He is part of the new generation of acupuncturists that doesn’t see western medicine as the enemy, but wants to use everything in its proper time and place. Also, just the nicest guy you’ll meet!

R.Z., Manhattan

I came to see Joe because I’ve always had problems with tension — leading to constant flare-ups either in my skin or stomach or any number of other areas. I was a bit suspicious of whether acupuncture could help, but was quickly proved wrong. What’s incredible about Joe is how he tailored a program specifically for me to help me improve over the long-term. I’ve begun to see a gradual relief of symptoms I’ve had for over 10 years that I never thought would go away. On top of being incredibly knowledgeable and a consummate professional, Joe also is just an oasis of calm — always positive, reassuring, and the best listener I’ve perhaps ever met. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Patient, Manhattan

I came to Alban Acupuncture because I continued to have problems with acne flare-ups triggered by stress and monthly hormone changes. All dermatologist prescribed acne medications had only provided temporary relief and I was looking for a natural and long-term solution. Joe’s tailored acupuncture and herbal program has resulted in major improvements.  The improvements have been steady and my skin is looking great so much so that Joe has recommended I conclude treatment! I highly recommend acupuncture and especially Joe for those, like myself, interested in finding long-term and natural solutions to skin issues.

Vanessa, NYC

I had suffered from eczema for many years, and had gone through numerous prescription steroid creams, all of which worked for about a week before the eczema flared up again, worse than the previous time. I was fed up and wanted to find a solution that would actually last, and that would not leave me dependent on medications that had undesirable side effects. I found Joe after searching online for acupuncturists in New York who had experience in treating eczema. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treat the root cause of eczema, not just the symptoms. I saw improvements after just a few weeks, and after several months of treatments, I am eczema-free! It’s wonderful to feel like you’ve actually healed from the inside-out, rather than chasing after all those itchy patches with endless creams and ointments. Joe is incredibly knowledgeable and explains the entire process. The acupuncture sessions are very calming and enjoyable, and the herbal medicines are convenient and easy to use. I am extremely happy with the results, and highly recommend Joe.

D.I., New York City

I had been experiencing a recurring bout of psoriasis for year, and traditional Western treatments didn’t offer much relief. I decided to try herbs, and found Joe’s practice. Joe is a great practitioner, listening to my symptoms to find the best treatment. My psoriasis is now in remission (finally!), and I’m grateful that I have a practitioner that I can see for any other problems that may come up. I very highly recommend Alban Acupuncture, and have and will continue to guide my friends to his practice.

Sharon, NYC

For years I tried a mix of different treatments for my acne. Sometimes they would work temporarily, but I always still had regular monthly breakouts and flare-ups during stressful times. After the first week of acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas, my skin had been clearer and smoother than it had been in years. After a few month treatment with regular acupuncture sessions and herbal formulas, my stress-related breakouts have stopped, and the hormonal breakouts that I do have are now very minimal. My circulation has also gotten better, as well as my overall level of stress. In sum, a completely wonderful experience!

J.D., New York City

Before I saw Dr. Alban my eczema was out of control and getting worse every year.  I tried all western forms of therapy including steroid cream after steroid cream.   But after one month of visits with Dr. Alban, between the acupuncture therapy and the supplemental herbs he suggested the eczema not only cleared up but has since yet to return.  I expect to continue regular visits in order to maintain the equilibrium I’ve reached and to prevent further flare ups.  Additionally it is worth noting Dr. Alban was extremely flexible with my busy schedule and always a pleasure to meet with.

Ryan, NYC

Throughout my life I have struggled with acne on both my face and body. I felt like I had tried just about everything that Western medicine had to offer – accutane, light therapy, facials, antibiotics – you name it, I’ve tried it!  Finally, my fiancé suggested I look into acupuncture since other methods certainly did not seem to be doing the trick.  I had always been interested in trying Chinese medicine, but I was a little doubtful since it doesn’t promise the immediate results that big name pharmaceutical companies advertise.  Much to my surprise, I started seeing results almost immediately – in more than just my skin.  My anxiety, which has always been an issue for me, is basically nonexistent at this point and I feel calmer and more clear-headed in general.  My night sweats, that I learned were tied into the food I was eating and the overall condition of my body that had produced the acne, are completely gone.  Throughout this process I have not only learned so much from Joe, but I have gained a deep respect for his technique and abilities. Joe is such an amazingly calming force and is extremely open-minded and intelligent – I can’t recommend a better acupuncturist!

T.D., New York City

Joseph Alban was highly recommended to me by a colleague in Canada and I have been his patient for the past year. Joe’s practice is profound and the improvement in my condition over the past months has been exceptional. Additionally, Joe’s explanation about the course of his treatment is thorough and clear and he always follows each session with an e mail check-in. I have recommended Joe to many friends and feel strongly that he is one of the best acupuncture practitioners I have ever worked with.

P.M., Producer

As an opera and concert singer, getting over an illness quickly can often be the difference between performing or seeing months of hard work wasted. Thanks to treatment and advice from Joseph Alban, I have not only healed more quickly than anticipated, I have experienced effective near term control of symptoms such as runny nose, lethargy, coughing, sore throat, nausea, and general malaise. Through longer TCM treatment, I have also resolved my case of persistent acid reflux. I can say with confidence that I am no longer a “fussy” singer, thanks in large part to Joseph’s TCM treatment.

Phil, Vocalist and Opera Singer, NYC

The treatments that Dr. Alban has provided me, ranging from acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and acupressure techniques, have helped me immeasurably in dealing with anxiety, vitiligo, and with boosting my immune system in general. Perhaps most important of all, these improvements have afforded me with the confidence that these issues can be dealt with successfully. I had tried other methods before, but found no success until I met with Dr. Alban. On a personal note, I find Dr. Alban’s nature, style, and manner to be professional, considerate, kind, and genuine. I highly recommend him to others.


I went to Joseph Alban to for help with both an eating disorder and anxiety. From the beginning, my involved a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and massages. I noticed a marked reduction of stress levels as an immediate result of the acupuncture sessions. In addition, I observed diminished frequency and weakening of the food cravings which usually trigger an episode. Also, I would experience cravings and then have an episode during my PMS, which is almost totally gone. I also have experienced an overall gradual increase of energy levels which allowed me to better respond to anxiety.

Patient, NYC

I began seeing Joe for a number of reasons–a heelspur, chronic insomnia, allergies, anxiety…. What I found immediately was that the holistic approach to treatment allowed me to address all of these at once. Some of the results of the acupuncture, herbs, and acupressure were immediate—I began sleeping more soundly immediately, for example—while others have been more gradual; in each case, my symptoms are improving. I have been really happy to be Joe’s patient, not least because he takes the time to explain why we’re pursuing particular kinds of treatments and how they work. I’m learning a lot about Chinese medicine as I continue to feel better. Honestly, I can’t recommend Alban Acupuncture highly enough.

C.M., Brooklyn

I first came to Alban Acupuncture because I suffered from poor digestion, fatigue, and excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis. Now, my digestion is much, much better and I feel less exhausted. My sweating has decreased enormously and I am no longer self-conscious about wearing light-colored shirts. I am very, very satisfied with the results. His treatments and care are fantastic!

R.T., Teacher

I had been a pretty regular visitor to Joe’s to improve my digestion and get my system back in track when I was feeling out of balance. It always helps. My story began when I returned from a great vacation with a strange rash. I thought it was poison ivy, well it wasn’t. I was diagnosed as suffering from shingles by a dermatologist. I went to Joe’s because, in my case, the manifestation of shingles was extremely itchy and hot. It was as if a stove burner was placed against the left side of my back. Not a joke. I experienced a great deal of improvement after the acupuncture treatment and the major heat was alleviated. I recommend acupuncture as a great preventive system and also as a way to encourage the innate wellness of the body. Joe was very kind and willing to accommodate me last minute in his schedule and kept checking on my progress.

Elena, Teacher and Natural Health Practitioner

I came to Joe, as a last resort, for help with hot flashes and tinea versiclor. Aside from the weekly acupuncture sessions, he prescribed herbs, tinctures and salves that got both conditions under control. Not only has he helped alleviate the symptoms but he has educated me as well. He takes the time to answers questions about the acupuncture treatment and herbs prescribed. I am very happy with the results. Thank you, Joe!

S.R., New York

Joe is the world’s best acupuncturist. I don’t say this because I’ve been to many. I say this because I know it in my heart. Not only does he listen to you, he CARES about you and remembers everything you tell him. When you’re struggling, Joe has the encouragement and advice to see you through. When you’re happy, he is happy for you.  I went to Joe for PCOS and, since I’ve been going, I have gotten my period every month (a miracle courtesy of Joe!). I feel really good and I no longer have the kinds of mood swings that would thrust me between extremely depressed and ecstatic in 20 minutes time. Joe is the MAN!

Patient, Manhattan

I began seeing Dr. Alban to get some relief from constant indigestion (I was popping Pepsid AC nightly) as well as menopausal night sweating. He came highly recommended and I have been very pleased with the results of acupuncture. I was a bit of a skeptic going into it but I am happy to report that as a result of the sessions my indigestion has practically disappeared and the night sweats are no longer a problem. He is easy to talk to and takes time to listen and make suggestions. I recommend him highly.

Patient, New York City

I was suffering for a month with hot flashes and night sweats until I decided to go to see Joseph for acupuncture treatments. As the sessions progressed my symptoms have decreased and after the 6th treatment all my symptoms disappeared. I am so grateful for Josephs great work. He is a lifesaver and I no longer have to take many showers a day from the constant sweating. I told everyone I know about him. I’m very impressed that my symptoms disappeared.

L.Z., New York City

I’m a true believer of acupuncture.  I was suffering from severe hot flashes, up to 25 per day.  After several weeks of this and no signs of the condition going away I decided to meet with Joe.  He took the time to listen and ask me questions about what I was experiencing. He told me he was confident that he’d be able to help me.  Within three weeks of my first treatment my hot flashes were almost gone and after five weeks they were completely gone.  I have not had a hot flash in 5 months!  Joe is a very caring, and dedicated professional.  I have and would recommend Joe to anyone who wants to feel better!

Patient, NYC