Help with Acupuncture for Somatization Disorders

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Somatoform disorders are chronic pain and illness with no specific physical cause.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help treat somatoform disorders. It is only natural that acupuncture can treat somatoform disorders. In acupuncture we view the mind and body as connected.  The body is as an interconnected whole.

The Mind Body are Connected

Ingredients: 2-3 slices of fresh ginger, peeled Beef soup bones- We used left over ribs from the week before, marrow bones also work 1 small onion, chopped 2 yellow carrots 4 leaves of basil bean sprouts (optional) 5 cups of water 1/2 teaspoon salt pepper to taste 1/4 pound whole wheat spaghetti (about 1/8 per person).  Rice noodles or buckwheat can be substituted. Put the water in a soup pot and bring it to a boil.  Add the ginger, onions, soup bones, carrots and salt.  Simmer for 45 minutes.  In a separate pot, boil salted water for cooking the noodles. Place the soup, with the vegetables, in bowls and combine with noodles.  Garnish with basil and sprouts, add pepper to taste.  Warm up and enjoy! Makes 3-4 servings. Photos: Andreakw

Personalized Treatment

Each person’s overall symptoms are weaved together and creates a holistic picture of what is going on with you. Then an acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment is customized to your needs.

Mind body exercises

I find that many people suffering from poor health benefit from tai chi or qi gong because it helps boost your energy and improve your circulation.  Tai chi and qi gong are slow moving exercises, that which are more than 3000 years, designed to improve your health.   Many people have used them for improving health and strength while decreasing pain with great success.

Incorporating Mindfulness techniques can also lead to greater calm and relaxation that prepares the body for healing.

Joseph Alban

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.

Joseph Alban is a Doctor of Acupuncture, New York Licensed Acupuncturist, and NCCAOM Board Certified Herbalist providing the highest quality Acupuncture and Chinese medicine care tailored to your needs.

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