Acupuncture Stimulates the Body to Heal Itself

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Acupuncture believes in the body’s power to heal itself. As acupuncturists, we remove the imbalances that are keeping you from being healthy.

Acupuncture research is beginning to show how acupuncture stimulates the body’s own power to heal itself. The acupuncture needle does not inject any medicine, nor is it coated. It is simply reminding the body to be healthy again.

The research is still young and we don’t know everything. It is probably a complex series of events which occur in many systems across the body. But we do know that it works to regulate the nervous, endocrine, and the immune system. We also think that it works on a cellular level to influence intracellular communication and regeneration.

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The brain and nervous system

The core of acupuncture theory is the channel system and network. The channels are an alternative communication mechanism that connect and integrate the body,  That is why we can use points on your leg to treat digestive diseases, headaches, acne, or asthma.

Qi, the body’s energy, circulates in the channels.  This is another reason they are like channels, because material flows through them.   Good health is maintained when there is a good amount of circulation and amount of qi in the channels.  Injuries, stress, and illnesses can cause the qi to slow down or stagnate in the channels.

Hormonal level

It has also been suggested that acupuncture can help regulate hormones. This is because we know it works great for conditions like PCOS, hot flashes, diabetes and infertility. In one study, electroacupuncture was shown to increase estradiol and other hormones in rats who had their ovaries removed.2 This suggests that electroacupuncture stimulates the hypothalamus to release the hormones that help to treat infertility.

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Cellular level

Healing also occurs at the place where the needle is inserted, on a cellular level. The surrounding connective tissue cells actually grabs hold of the needle and expands. 3 Some scientists believe this begins the replication and repair of the cells around the needle.

This needles grasp by the cells also represents the beginning of the communication within the acupuncture channels and may signal that the channels are alternative communication system through the connective tissue.

Immune System

The immune system is tricky. Without it, we could not live. But often it can overreact and attack ourselves, causing autoimmune conditions like asthma, allergies, and eczema. Acupuncture may help to down regulate the overactive immune system as well as give a boost to those with poor immune systems.

In one study, electroacupuncture was shown to lower the number of inflammatory cells in asthmatic rats compared to placebo acupuncture. It also lowered the number of cytokines, which are proteins that signal the inflammatory reaction.4  In another rat study, electroacupuncture to the point ST 36 showed to decrease inflammation through release of opioids.5

This shows that acupuncture has both a analgesic effect and an anti-inflammatory effect. This is good news, because so many disorders with pain also have significant inflammation.

A Glimpse into the Research

This is a glimpse of what modern research is explaining about acupuncture.   There is still a lot more to learn, but what we know is really exciting.

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Joseph Alban

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.

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