yin yang symbolAcupuncture for Hot Flashes

Research has shown that acupuncture is effective for reducing hot flashes. The basic idea of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is simple: Health is based on balance. Imbalances in the body lead to illness. We correct that imbalance with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, the body works to heal itself.

Hot flashes are most often caused by an imbalance in the heating and cooling of the body.

The body has the ability to warm itself, and it has the ability to cool itself. These qualities balance each other. In Chinese medicine, we described them as yin and yang properties, yang is warming and yin is cooling.

Menopause can reduce the amount of cooling in the body. That relative lack of cooling causes a relative excess of warming, which results in hot flashes. In Chinese Medicine, this can be understood through the idea of Yin and Yang.