Acupuncture Reduces Prostatitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

As a Doctor of Acupuncture with a focus on the management of Chronic Prostatitis/ Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CP/CPPS), I’ve dedicated my practice to exploring and implementing effective treatments that offer relief and improve the quality of life for my patients. 

Many recent clinical studies have supported acupuncture’s benefits for CPPS patients, revealing promising results in pain management, reduction of urinary symptoms, and overall improvement in quality of life.

I am excited to share this information with you as part of our ongoing discussions about your health and treatment options. Together, we can explore how acupuncture might provide you with relief and support your journey toward healing and well-being.

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Real Acupuncture Reduced Pain

This recent large-scale study with approximately 400 participants demonstrated that acupuncture significantly reduces pain in men with CPPS. (1) Participants were divided into two groups, with one receiving acupuncture at specific points believed to reduce muscle tension and improve nerve function related to the pelvic floor, and the other receiving placebo treatments.

The protocol involved administering real acupuncture at specific points: Zhongliao (BL33), Huiyang (BL35), Shenshu (BL23), and Sanyinjiao (SP6), targeting areas on the lower back and sacrum. These points were chosen based on their traditional associations with reducing muscle tension and modulating nerve function to the pelvic floor. The control group received placebo acupuncture at non-traditional points. 

By week four, those who received real acupuncture had a significant reduction in symptoms vs those who received the placebo acupuncture. Upon follow up after the study was complete, there were still improvement in pain and quality of life at week 32, that’s 24 weeks post-treatment!. This study showcases acupuncture as a durable solution for CPPS management. 

Electroacupuncture Relieves Pain in Men with CPPS

In this study, 36 men with CPPS were randomly assigned to three groups: advice and exercise plus electro-acupuncture (EA), advice and exercise with sham electro-acupuncture (SEA), and advice and exercise alone (AE) (2). The EA group experienced bilateral stimulation of Ciliao (BL-32), Zhongliao (BL-33), and Huantiao (GB-30), with needles stimulated at 4 hertz for 20 minutes at an intensity between five and ten milliamps. The electroacupuncture significantly reduced pain levels and NIH-CPSI scores compared to the other groups. This study also suggests that targeted electro-acupuncture points may have pain-relieving properties of acupuncture for CPPS patients.

Acupuncture helps Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Related to CPPS

acupuncture on footThis small pilot study treated ten males with standardized acupuncture targeting not only the commonly used points but also auricular (ear) points, reflecting a comprehensive approach to treating CPPS.(3) Points included Waiguan (SJ-5), Zulinqi (GB-41), Taichong (LIV-3), Hegu (LI-4), Diji (SP-8), Sanyinjiao (SP-6), and auricular points Shenmen, Kidney, Liver, Lung, and Spleen. Treatment was given twice weekly for six weeks. Significant improvements in NIH-CPSI scores and quality of life metrics demonstrate this approach’s effectiveness. This treatment was less focused on electroacupuncture, but more on balancing the flow of Qi in the body.  It was a very small study and larger studies are needed for this method.  

Feel Better, Get Acupuncture!

Each study presents a different acupuncture protocol, offering insights into the versatile ways acupuncture can be applied to treat CPPS. The lasting benefits reported in these studies underscore acupuncture’s potential as a non-invasive, effective treatment for CPPS. 

In my clinic, I use these studies along with knowledge gained from my clinical experience to create a customized treatment approach for each patient. 

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Joseph Alban

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.

Joseph Alban is a Doctor of Acupuncture, New York Licensed Acupuncturist, and NCCAOM Board Certified Herbalist providing the highest quality Acupuncture and Chinese medicine care tailored to your needs.

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