Before I started the treatment by Joe, I had been suffering from eczema for more than 20 years. The skin on my face was red and irritated almost constantly, and my hand eczema prevented me to stretch my hands open. I was on heavy steroid treatments for years, and I was so frustrated that my eczema kept coming back after a couple of days of relief. Joe tailored the herbal medicine formula for my case, and after just a few month, my condition has improved significantly. Although it’s a slow progress, I prefer a gentler and more effective way of treating my stubborn eczema by herbs and acupuncture to reduce inflammation. Now my skin has a lot less bouts of irritation, and it goes away quickly without using cortisone cream.

I also have a chronic shoulder pain due to an injury for several years, and it used to interrupt me from getting work or even daily chores done. My orthopedic told me that I needed some cortisone shots to ease the pain, but I decided to try an alternative before going for cortisone shots. After just one acupuncture session, I was surprised how great my shoulder felt, and my shoulder continues to improve with each treatment. I am very happy with Joe’s treatments for both my chronic pain and skin problems, and I would recommend Alban Acupuncture with confidence.

I.M. Brooklyn

Throughout my life I have struggled with acne on both my face and body. I felt like I had tried just about everything that Western medicine had to offer – accutane, light therapy, facials, antibiotics – you name it, I’ve tried it! Finally, my fiancé suggested I look into acupuncture since other methods certainly did not seem to be doing the trick. I had always been interested in trying Chinese medicine, but I was a little doubtful since it doesn’t promise the immediate results that big name pharmaceutical companies advertise. Much to my surprise, I started seeing results almost immediately – in more than just my skin. My anxiety, which has always been an issue for me, is basically nonexistent at this point and I feel calmer and more clear-headed in general. My night sweats, that I learned were tied into the food I was eating and the overall condition of my body that had produced the acne, are completely gone. Throughout this process I have not only learned so much from Joe, but I have gained a deep respect for his technique and abilities. Joe is such an amazingly calming force and is extremely open-minded and intelligent – I can’t recommend a better acupuncturist!

T.D., New York City

I began going to Joseph after struggling with cystic adult acne for years, which worsened over time. He informed me that it could take several months of using his herbal formulas before seeing results, but I’m glad I remained patient through the process. Around the three month mark, my face was much less inflamed, and eventually became clearer and clearer. Joseph was very warm, sympathetic, and I can tell he truly cares about the emotional and physical well being of his patients. I felt very relaxed and open during our appointments. I will definitely go back to him with any future issue, and recommend him to friends who could use acupuncture or Chinese herbs

Myra, Brookyn.

Before I saw Dr. Alban my eczema was out of control and getting worse every year. I tried all western forms of therapy including steroid cream after steroid cream. But after one month of visits with Dr. Alban, between the acupuncture therapy and the supplemental herbs he suggested the eczema not only cleared up but has since yet to return. I expect to continue regular visits in order to maintain the equilibrium I’ve reached and to prevent further flare ups. Additionally it is worth noting Dr. Alban was extremely flexible with my busy schedule and always a pleasure to meet with.

Ryan, NYC

For years I tried a mix of different treatments for my acne. Sometimes they would work temporarily, but I always still had regular monthly breakouts and flare-ups during stressful times. After the first week of acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas, my skin had been clearer and smoother than it had been in years. After a few month treatment with regular acupuncture sessions and herbal formulas, my stress-related breakouts have stopped, and the hormonal breakouts that I do have are now very minimal. My circulation has also gotten better, as well as my overall level of stress. In sum, a completely wonderful experience!

JD, New York City

I had been experiencing a recurring bout of psoriasis for year, and traditional Western treatments didn’t offer much relief. I decided to try herbs, and found Joe’s practice. Joe is a great practitioner, listening to my symptoms to find the best treatment. My psoriasis is now in remission (finally!), and I’m grateful that I have a practitioner that I can see for any other problems that may come up. I very highly recommend Alban Acupuncture, and have and will continue to guide my friends to his practice.

Sharon, NYC

I had suffered from eczema for many years, and had gone through numerous prescription steroid creams, all of which worked for about a week before the eczema flared up again, worse than the previous time. I was fed up and wanted to find a solution that would actually last, and that would not leave me dependent on medications that had undesirable side effects. I found Joe after searching online for acupuncturists in New York who had experience in treating eczema. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treat the root cause of eczema, not just the symptoms. I saw improvements after just a few weeks, and after several months of treatments, I am eczema-free! It’s wonderful to feel like you’ve actually healed from the inside-out, rather than chasing after all those itchy patches with endless creams and ointments. Joe is incredibly knowledgeable and explains the entire process. The acupuncture sessions are very calming and enjoyable, and the herbal medicines are convenient and easy to use. I am extremely happy with the results, and highly recommend Joe.

D.I., New York City

I came to Alban Acupuncture because I continued to have problems with acne flare-ups triggered by stress and monthly hormone changes. All dermatologist prescribed acne medications had only provided temporary relief and I was looking for a natural and long-term solution. Joe’s tailored acupuncture and herbal program has resulted in major improvements. The improvements have been steady and my skin is looking great so much so that Joe has recommended I conclude treatment! I highly recommend acupuncture and especially Joe for those, like myself, interested in finding long-term and natural solutions to skin issues.

Vanessa, NYC

I came to see Joe because I’ve always had problems with tension — leading to constant flare-ups either in my skin or stomach or any number of other areas. I was a bit suspicious of whether acupuncture could help, but was quickly proved wrong. What’s incredible about Joe is how he tailored a program specifically for me to help me improve over the long term. I’ve begun to see a gradual relief of symptoms I’ve had for over 10 years that I never thought would go away. On top of being incredibly knowledgeable and a consummate professional, Joe also is just an oasis of calm — always positive, reassuring, and the best listener I’ve perhaps ever met. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Patient, Manhattan

Joe has that combination of compassion, intelligence, and insight that’s needed in any school of healing. When I first met him, he told me people don’t come to him for stress, but they should. Several months later I came to him with flaring asthma, migraines, recurring colds, back pain, and various other physical manifestations of stress. I was sheepish that I had waited until I had no choice but to take care of myself, but I got no judgment from him. He just got to work on what we had to deal with. He’s supportive of my desire to wean off some of the medications I take, but doesn’t pressure me to get rid of them all. He is part of the new generation of acupuncturists that doesn’t see western medicine as the enemy, but wants to use everything in its proper time and place. Also, just the nicest guy you’ll meet!

R.Z. Manhattan

For many years in my adult life, I have suffered from cystic acne that would flare up during stressful periods in my life as well as during hormonal cycles. After years of unsuccessful and very harsh treatments from various dermatologists, I decided to research the use of acupuncture to treat my acne. I have been a patient of Dr. Alban for the last six months, and attend acupuncture sessions twice a month in conjunction with the herbal formulas that are prescribed. As a result, my acne has diminished dramatically and I feel an overall sense of health improvement. Dr. Alban is practitioner who understands and treats the underlying causes of a condition and is extremely professional courteous.

Laura, New York City