Acupuncture Cure for the Insomniac Nation

Sleep.  We are supposed to spend one third of our lives sleeping.  But for many people, that’s a lot easier said than done.

In fact, up to 58% of adults in America complain of having trouble sleeping. Insomnia is an issue that most of my patients experience.   Actually, this is not so surprising because many chronic illnesses and pain are also associated with insomnia.

Can acupuncture treat insomnia?

Yes, acupuncture is helpful to reduce those sleepless nights. Just like other conditions, treatment of chronic insomnia should address root imbalance that is causing the condition.

The root treatment addresses the heart, liver-gallbladder, and stomach.  The heart houses the spirit, yin and blood deficiency will irritate the spirit causing insomnia characterized by restlessness, anxiety, and palpitations.  Sweating hands, a red complexion and tongue signals yin deficiency, while pale white complexion with a pale tongue reveals blood deficiency.

Heart Seven

One of the good acupuncture points for this pattern is HT 7.

Stress and frustration can cause insomnia from liver qi stagnation.  This pattern is associated with irritability, tightness in the chest and rib-sides, and neck pain.  Use LV 3 and LI 4 for liver qi stagnation.
Sometimes stagnation in the stomach harasses the spirit, which will cause insomnia with bloating, belching, and nausea.  For this condition use ST 36 and PC 6.

Also, you can try acupressure for insomnia at home to enhance the effect of the acupuncture.

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