I’m a true believer of acupuncture. I was suffering from severe hot flashes, up to 25 per day. After several weeks of this and no signs of the condition going away I decided to meet with Joe. He took the time to listen and ask me questions about what I was experiencing. He told me he was confident that he’d be able to help me. Within three weeks of my first treatment my hot flashes were almost gone and after five weeks they were completely gone. I have not had a hot flash in 5 months! Joe is a very caring, and dedicated professional. I have and would recommend Joe to anyone who wants to feel better!

Patient, NYC


I began seeing Dr. Alban to get some relief from constant indigestion (I was popping Pepsid AC nightly) as well as menopausal night sweating. He came highly recommended and I have been very pleased with the results of acupuncture. I was a bit of a skeptic going into it but I am happy to report that as a result of the sessions my indigestion has practically disappeared and the night sweats are no longer a problem. He is easy to talk to and takes time to listen and make suggestions. I recommend him highly.

Patient, New York City


Joe is the world’s best acupuncturist. I don’t say this because I’ve been to many. I say this because I know it in my heart. Not only does he listen to you, he CARES about you and remembers everything you tell him. When you’re struggling, Joe has the encouragement and advice to see you through. When you’re happy, he is happy for you. I went to Joe for PCOS and, since I’ve been going, I have gotten my period every month (a miracle courtesy of Joe!). I feel really good and I no longer have the kinds of mood swings that would thrust me between extremely depressed and ecstatic in 20 minutes time. Joe is the MAN!

Patient, Manhattan


I came to Joe, as a last resort, for help with hot flashes and tinea versiclor. Aside from the weekly acupuncture sessions, he prescribed herbs, tinctures and salves that got both conditions under control. Not only has he helped alleviate the symptoms but he has educated me as well. He takes the time to answers questions about the acupuncture treatment and herbs prescribed. I am very happy with the results. Thank you, Joe!

SR, New York