Acupuncture Treatment For Fertility

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Acupuncture Treatment For Fertility

Acupuncture is a natural approach to enhancing fertility. Acupuncture works by balancing hormones and increasing circulation.  

Research has shown acupuncture helps increase conception.  There are numerous benefits including thicker uterine lining, healthy hormone levels, and reduced stress.

Remember it takes two to tango, acupuncture also helps male factors in enhancing fertility or treating infertility.


How does acupuncture work to enhance fertility?

Acupuncture works by talking back to the body and stimulating the nervous system to balancing hormones and enhancing circulation.  Studies have shown that acupuncture can help women with unexplained infertility, low ovarian reservePCOS, endometriosisimprove the likelihood of IVF, and other issues.

Acupuncture Treatment is Individualized

Each person is different and we take the time to create an individualized treatment for each patient. On your first visit we will discuss a your history. I will consider factors such as menstrual cycle, time of ovulation, hormone panels, in addition to digestion, sleep, and stress.

At different times of the menstrual cycle I may choose different acupuncture points to focus on factors of conception. The first part of a menstrual cycle is called the follicular phase. This is a time for creating and nourishing a healthy egg.

This aspect is Yin in nature because it a time of building. The acupuncture will focus on points that increas blood and yin to nourish the body.

During ovulation time, we focus on moving the body’s qi.  Stress is a factor in the circulation of the body’s energy. This is one reason that stress can affect ovulation.  It causes the qi to slow or stagnate inhibiting a healthy function including ovulation. After ovulation, is the yang part of the cycle. Progesterone is released.  

The progesterone works to get the body ready for implantation and pregnancy. If you’re taking your BBT, you can see your body gets a little warmer during the follicular phase.  Acupuncture points will boost the body’s qi and yang energy to help hormone levels.  

What is acupuncture treatment like?

Acupuncture is very relaxing and has a positive holistic affect on the body. People will usually feel very relaxed, sleep better, improved digestion, and other benefits after an acupuncture treatment course. Usually, patients will come in for weekly acupuncture sessions for a few months.

Depending where you are on your journey, some people will also take herbal medicine for enhancing fertility or treatment of infertility.

Every person is unique and the treatment course is customized to you.