Time to Quit Smoking in New York City

Today the federal government put an extra 62 cents tax on cigarettes. That makes a pack over $9 in New York City, which means more than $250 per month for those who smoke a pack per day.

You can do it!!!

Quitting is a challenge for many, but you can do it. The NYC Department of Health and Human Services is offering help with free nicotine patches and support groups. They also have some good suggestions on their website about preparing mentally like making a list of reasons to quit, finding friends and family who will support you, creating a plan with a specific date that you will quit, and exercising regularly for stress relief.

I also suggest, as part of the plan, to know what you will do instead of smoking. So if you crave a cigarette, often eating an apple, a pretzel, or chewing gum can occupy the physical habit of doing something.  Its important to have a supportive social group to encourage you to quit.  Online support groups are becoming more popular and many people sing their praises.

Can you use acupuncture to quite smoking?

Yes, a lot of people use acupuncture for smoking. Acupuncture helps to relax the body and mind to calm the craving for cigarettes, which makes you more comfortable and less irritable. It also helps to balance the nervous system, releasing your own natural endorphins. Feeling good can certainly give your will power a boost!

Often, acupuncture for quitting smoking is focused on acupuncture points on the ears. Acupuncture works best in combination with other methods, such as stress reduction, nicotine replacement, and a supportive group of friends and family.

Want to read more?

Here is a good article about the concept and theory of acupuncture for smoking cessation, and Read about research into acupuncture for quitting smoking.

Photos: hegarty_david

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.