Chronic Low Back Pain

Acupuncture for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Safe and Effective Treatment Strategy

Chronic Low Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for going to the doctor as well as missing work. Back pain decreases your quality of life and leads missing out on activities you would normally enjoy.

Acupuncture treatment of back pain is a safe, effective method to reduce and treat back pain without medication. Acupuncture works by stimulating the natural healing mechanisms in your body.

Many people with back pain often find relief in acupuncture after other treatments have not worked.

Back pain

Acupuncture for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Acupuncture is over 2000 years old and has a long history of treating back pain and is also supported many research studies.

The acupuncture treatment may include electroacupuncture and cupping, along with the traditional acupuncture. Other therapies including acupressure, also known as tui na, a hands-on method of clearing blockages in the energy flow. For some people ear magnets, or auricular acupuncture, is very powerful for pain relief. The proper combination of these treatments leads to profound and long term pain relief.

My approach is personalized to each patient combining many therapies. This approach to acupuncture helps by relaxing the back muscles, stimulating the release of anti-inflammatory chemicals, and regulating how the brain feels pain. By targeting the root of the issue, it can lead to long term improvement in the pain.

I have successfully treated back pain from many causes including: acute and chronic muscle spasms, muscular imbalances, SI joint pain, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and many other diseases that lead to back pain. To help illustrate an acupuncture treatment course, here is a case study for back pain from a car accident as well as one for back pain in a marathon runner

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works holistically with the body, address many levels of the pain and condition. It works to relax the muscles, stimulate healing in the connective tissues, and reset the nervous system.

Acupuncture therapy is Individualized for Each Patient

The initial acupuncture visit will have an examination and assessment of what is the root cause of the back pain. After that, I will develop individualized acupuncture treatment for that person.

The skill of effective acupuncture is matching the correct treatment to the root cause of the back pain. This involves choosing the correct acupuncture points, deciding what type of stimulation to give the acupuncture needles, and if I should use electro -acupuncture stimulation.

I also include acupressure, cupping, or gua sha as supplemental therapies for back pain. For some people we may also use ear magnets or auricular acupuncture, which is very powerful for pain relief. The proper combination of these treatments leads to profound and long term pain relief. 

What Imbalances Cause Back Pain?

There is an old saying in Acupuncture. “When there is no movement, there is pain. When there is movement, there is no pain.”

Stagnation occurs when there is a blockage in the flow of energy through the back. Trauma, stress, or injury can cause the qi flow, or energy flow, in the body to slow down and get stuck. When there is no flow, pain develops. Car accidents, sports injuries, and stress can all lead to the development of stagnation.

Another imbalance is called deficiency. A deficiency implies that there is not enough energy in body. The body needs qi, or energy, in order to function healthfully. Gradual, slow, chronic onset of back pain can be a sign that there is not enough energy, or a qi deficiency.

Sometimes there is a combination of both a deficiency and a stagnation. This can take place over an extended period of time, for example, after a car accident. Pain and discomfort will linger, with no improvement, and can worsen over time.

Lower back pain treatment will most often be focused on the back itself. Needles will also be placed in other areas of the body to stimulate and increase production of the energy. 

Feedback From our clients…

“I recently began acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment with Joseph Alban. This was my first time trying Chinese medicine and I would like to share this very interesting and helpful experience. For me acupuncture treatments worked very quickly and totally healed constant back pain that I have had for years. This remarkable effect has been lasting for 3 months, which is the first time I have found relief. Also, for years, I had a very uncomfortable pain and swelling in my legs. Same as the back pain, the acupuncture and herbs improve a lot this. After few months, I have felt relief from many of my symptoms and an improvement in my general well being. Even my tongue has changed!!!”

~ Monica, Nutrition and Medical Researcher, Hoboken, NJ