Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have long been used to treat asthma. According to acupuncture, a lack of energy, or qi, is the most common imbalance that leads to asthma. When there is too little qi, people are often very susceptible to asthma, frequent colds, and allergies.

The idea behind Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment is that it corrects imbalances in the body. Once the imbalance is corrected you feel better and healthier. Asthma may be caused by a too little energy, or qi deficiency. In Chinese medicine, immunity comes from qi, the body’s energy. Qi is similar to our general idea of energy in the West. It is the energy that gives us the power to do things, like work, study, grow, and exercise. It also protects us from getting sick. When we say, “I am wiped out, I have no energy,” you can also say you have no qi.