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Bladder Spasms

The bladder can have a mind of its own. Normally, the bladder relaxes as it fills and contracts only when you need to urinate. Bladder spasms happen when the bladder muscles suddenly contract causing a sudden need to urinate. In some people this can also cause pain.

The symptoms of bladder spasms can be intense, impacting your work, education, and social life. Bladder spasms can occur in overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, and other conditions.

Acupuncture therapy for bladder spasms

For acupuncture to be effective at treating bladder spasms, the correct acupuncture points must be used.

Electroacupuncture for bladder spasms

Electro-acupuncture is very similar to regular acupuncture. The acupuncture point selection is generally the same and the treatment time is also similar. Electro-acupuncture provides additional small amount electric stimulation to the acupuncture needles. The electric stimulation enhances muscle relaxation.

Acupuncture Points for Bladder Spasms

Specific acupuncture channels can be related to bladder spasms. The Bladder channel is one of the very important channels. This channel runs from the inner canthus of the eye, over the scalp, down the back, and to the outside of the foot. Points on the lower back, such as UB 28, UB 32, and UB 33 are very important for bladder spasm. Points near the ankles, like UB 60 is also helpful.

The Spleen and Kidney channel acupuncture points can also be helpful. The spleen channel runs from the inside of the big toe up the leg. Acupuncture points such as Spleen 9 and Spleen 6 are both very effective. Kidney 3 is on the inside of the ankle. The Ren channel is located on the center line of the front of the body. Acupuncture points such as Ren 3 and Ren 4 are also very effective for bladder spasms.   

Feedback From our clients…

“Joe is so great, not only for being kind and patient and answering all my questions, but he answers emails too, and is very accommodating for patients and their schedules. The evening hours really work well for me and allow me to come each week. Also Joe gave me some herbal options and remedies that I take to help with my bladder symptoms and to help with regular menstruation, which is taking me towards getting off prescriptions, and being completely natural and holistic, which is my goal. I am so thankful to have found Joe and I would recommend Alban acupuncture to everyone (I already do), for no matter what pain, ailment, or health issue that you have. Acupuncture is such a positive addition to my life, and would be to anyone’s. I know it will always be a part of my life. Go natural healing!.”
~ A.B., New York City