I volunteered to write a testimonial for Joe because he has completely changed my life. Before my first acupuncture appointment a few months ago, several urologists told me that I had overactive bladder (OAB), and a urogynecologist told me that I had interstitial cystitis (IC). I was confused about the diversity of diagnoses, and I felt powerless because none of the medication that doctors prescribed helped to decrease the sense of urgency to urinate. In addition, finding out that I had OAB as a result of multiple UTI’s had been upsetting enough, but the subsequent diagnosis of IC caused intense anxiety. My diagnosis and symptoms began to consume my life, and I wondered how I would ever feel happy again. I would fall asleep almost every night thinking about the burning burning sensation in my bladder, and I would worry about not being able to sleep throughout the night. As a teacher, I found it was difficult to get through my classes without wanting or needing to go the bathroom. I was distressed about the hundreds and hundreds of dollars that I had spent on doctors and medications. I even tried another acupuncturist who was affiliated with a hospital in NYC, and I almost gave up when it didn’t help. Fortunately, I found Joe’s website and I read a testimonial written by a woman with similar symptoms who had found relief as a result of Joe’s help. When I spoke with Joe on the phone, I was immediately comforted by his calm tone, patience in navigating my numerous questions, knowledge about OAB and IC, and optimism that he could help me. After my first two visits, my symptoms improved tremendously, and I started functioning like a “normal” human being again. I saw Joe once a week for the first 12 weeks, and I now see him 3 times a month. I absolutely love going to each appointment because he is consistently compassionate and resourceful, and his approach is effective. In addition to helping me with my bladder problems, he has also helped me with allergies and colds. If you’re looking for a holistic solution to any problem, set up an appointment!

Simone, New York City

I came to Joe last year after suffering through the worst months I have yet to experience. I felt the constant urge to urinate along with bladder pressure, and the UTI tests kept coming back negative. I was taking trips to the bathroom every half hour and getting up around three times a night. I went to specialists all over the city, without getting any answers. I was sent for ultrasounds and even an MRI, all tests coming back normal again and again. Some doctors simply told me there was nothing wrong with me and to go home and “relax”. Another told me it was depression and put me on anti-depressants without any history of mental issues. I was finally put on Elmiron for Interstitial Cystitis without ever being quite convinced of my diagnosis. I was terrified I would never be able to lead a normal life again – not being able to leave my apartment because of the fear of not having a bathroom close by, or not being able to resume a normal sex life with my live-in boyfriend. Riding the subway was out of the question and my lifestyle of being an outdoor enthusiast – traveling, hiking, snowboarding, etc. – was completely shattered. I tried homeopathy which improved my condition slightly although I was still suffering and completely confused with what was happening to me. I’ve never felt so disconnected and actually angry with my body. Being a healthy person my entire life, this sudden change left me incredibly depressed. I was at my lowest point – ready to give up and feeling that life was just not worth living this way. Nothing was helping and I was looking for any type of release. The battle with my mind was overwhelming, all I wanted was to feel comfortable again for even just a few hours! After being threatened with cystoscopy and being adamantly opposed to resorting to anything invasive unless absolutely necessary, I started looking elsewhere. I’ve heard many good things about acupuncture in the past, although I was not aware of it’s wide range of healing abilities. Joe was absolutely incredible – the first time I met him he gave me hope that I would get through this and a further understanding of my body and all of it’s connections. I was instantly comfortable enough around him to open up about everything I was going through and how much my life had changed in the past couple months. I started receiving treatment – a combination of acupuncture once a week and herbs taken daily – and noticed a difference almost immediately. The day after I received the weekly acupuncture treatment was always my best day. It is a relatively slow healing process because you are actually healing your body, rather than masking the real issue with a medication that has numerous side effects. Acupuncture not only alleviated the pressure in my bladder and the urge to urinate, it lifted my spirit and changed my perspective towards my body. I am forever grateful for finding Joe!

F. M., Brooklyn

I came to Joe because I was suffering from prostatitis and my urologist suggested that I give acupuncture a try. After searching in New York I learned that Joe had a lot of experience with pelvic pain patients, so I decided to give him a try. Joe is incredibly knowledgeable in the ways of Eastern medicine, having gone straight to the source and studied in China. He can also talk about the modern scientific theories of why acupuncture is effective. I felt confident that I was getting acupuncture treatments from someone with the utmost expertise. After a 12-week combination of western and eastern medicine, I have to say I’m feeling much, much better. Joe also treated an improved the anxiety I had stemming from my prostate problems. Thanks a lot Joe!

TC, New York City

I went to Joe with chronic pelvic pain along with a general feeling of malaise. I had never had acupuncture before and it was an act of desperation on my part. Joe took an active and sincere interest in what was bothering me. Somehow he has learnt all the secrets of the East while studying in China. It is now about 3 months since I first started seeing Joe and I have never felt better. Seeing Joe was one of the best decisions of my life. I consider Joe my friend and I recommend him without any reservation.

Y.H. Brooklyn

I went to see Joe for an overactive bladder condition. Almost immediately, I noticed a reduction in my urinary urges and frequency, directly related to Joe’s acupuncture and exercises from my physical therapy. I was not only impressed with the immediacy of results, but also with Joes warm, down-to-earth nature and professionalism. He made it comfortable for me to openly discuss a topic that was embarrassing for me, and he is always a good listener a quality lacking with many Western medicine practitioners. Also, Joe is open to questions, whether youre seeing him for a visit or e-mailing him from home. You can count on him to follow-up with specific information. Early on, Joe discussed methods for me to gradually retrain my bladder and the importance of consistently doing my therapeutic exercises. Four months into working with him, I am now on an acupuncture maintenance schedule. I have no doubt my condition would not have made the quick and steady turnaround it has without Joes treatments and sound advice.

S.M., New Jersey

I went to Joseph Alban after suffering from severe pelvic pain and prostatitis. I originally thought the pain was brought on from an infection. However, I now believe it was due to stress from a variety of life changes occurring at once, i.e. anxiety over health, a move to another country, family issue and finances. I have had prostatitis several times since college which I thought were from infections. But upon reflection, I have come to realize that each bout with prostate pain was probably from stress. Through Joseph Alban acupuncture, I discovered that there is indeed a link between the mind and the body. In addition, I learned that stress is a major cause of disfunction and imbalance. The treatments I received from Joseph have helped me tremendously in terms of treating the pain and ultimately the anxiety. I now do not have to sit in a tub of hot water every 4 hours to eliminate the pain. Nor do I have constant debilitating pain. Joseph is very knowledgeable, a great teacher and a patient person whose treatments are very effective and reasonably priced. I plan to re-visit him for several appointments upon my return to the United States and would recommend him to friends and colleagues.

D.F., Manhattan

I started seeing Joe in mid-2012 at the age of 28. I was newly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, have battled Interstitial Cystitis for 6 years, have chronic allergies and sinus including headaches, and have chronic constant stress and anxiety since I was a teenager. I was tired of feeling sick, stressed, and being on so many prescription medications. I had heard many great things about acupuncture, but always delayed trying it out, not sure if it would really work for me. I wanted to find someone who could mainly help my IC, and when googled an acupuncturist in NYC for IC, Joe’s website came up. I am so glad it did, because ever since starting acupuncture with Joe, my health, body, and life has been better in all aspects.

Acupuncture is a natural high for me, and when I leave after my treatment, I feel incredibly relaxed and calm, which helps with my stress and anxiety, not just in that moment, but continuing throughout the week. Acupuncture is also incredibly great for pain and works very fast for all kinds of pain. One time I had a pulled muscle in my lower back, but after one acupuncture treatment, I was running after 2 days. One time I had such a bad headache that I wanted to go to the ER, but I went to Joe instead, and walked out almost headache free. Acupuncture helps a lot with my allergies and sinus problems, especially headaches.

Joe is so patient, answers all of my questions, every single time I see him, which is usually weekly, since that works for me. Since I feel healing through acupuncture, I know that over time, I won’t even need to go as often because acupuncture is more than a medicine that masks your symptoms or covers up ailments. It heals your body, brings it into alignment and balance. That is what it is doing for me. Acupuncture has helped me with stomach and intestinal problems, from acid reflux to Crohn’s to my stomach being upset, whether constipation or diarrhea. It has helped my bladder pain and irritation from IC. It has greatly helped my stress and anxiety.

Joe is so great, not only for being kind and patient and answering all my questions, but he answers emails too, and is very accommodating for patients and their schedules. The evening hours really work well for me and allow me to come each week. Also Joe gave me some herbal options and remedies that I take to help with my bladder symptoms and to help with regular menstruation, which is taking me towards getting off prescriptions, and being completely natural and holistic, which is my goal. I am so thankful to have found Joe and I would recommend Alban acupuncture to everyone (I already do), for no matter what pain, ailment, or health issue that you have. Acupuncture is such a positive addition to my life, and would be to anyone’s. I know it will always be a part of my life. Go natural healing!

AB, New York City

Joe combines his compassion with his expertise to find the solution that is right for what you need. At our first meeting he took the time to listen and understand what my problem was. Using his expertise show has treated my pelvic pain for over a year now and I have seen excellent results, better than what I experienced with physical therapy. As my recovery continues Joe is receptive to my feedback and continues to modify the treatments to what works best for me.