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I had been a pretty regular visitor to Joe’s to improve my digestion and get my system back in track when I was feeling out of balance. It always helps. My story began when I returned from a great vacation with a strange rash. I thought it was poison ivy, well it wasn’t. I was diagnosed as suffering from shingles by a dermatologist. I went to Joe’s because, in my case, the manifestation of shingles was extremely itchy and hot. It was as if a stove burner was placed against the left side of my back. Not a joke. I experienced a great deal of improvement after the acupuncture treatment and the major heat was alleviated. I recommend acupuncture as a great preventive system and also as a way to encourage the innate wellness of the body. Joe was very kind and willing to accommodate me last minute in his schedule and kept checking on my progress.

Elena, Teacher and Natural Health Practitioner

I first came to Alban Acupuncture because I suffered from poor digestion, fatigue, and excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis. Now, my digestion is much, much better and I feel less exhausted. My sweating has decreased enormously and I am no longer self-conscious about wearing light-colored shirts. I am very, very satisfied with the results. His treatments and care are fantastic!

RT, Teacher

I began seeing Joe for a number of reasons–a heelspur, chronic insomnia, allergies, anxiety…. What I found immediately was that the holistic approach to treatment allowed me to address all of these at once. Some of the results of the acupuncture, herbs, and acupressure were immediate—I began sleeping more soundly immediately, for example—while others have been more gradual; in each case, my symptoms are improving. I have been really happy to be Joe’s patient, not least because he takes the time to explain why we’re pursuing particular kinds of treatments and how they work. I’m learning a lot about Chinese medicine as I continue to feel better. Honestly, I can’t recommend Alban Acupuncture highly enough.

C.M. Brooklyn

I came to Joseph to create more balance in my body and mind and to address specific physical issues as they came up – a sore shoulder, tight back, etc. In time, my specific pain spots have all been eliminated. I find that my body and spirit are in stronger alignment and that I have more energy and fewer general complaints. I would certainly recommend Joseph. He is a terrific practioner. He’s engaging, friendly and knowledgeable.

JP, Advertising

I went to Joseph Alban to for help with both an eating disorder and anxiety. From the beginning, my involved a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and massages. I noticed a marked reduction of stress levels as an immediate result of the acupuncture sessions. In addition, I observed diminished frequency and weakening of the food cravings which usually trigger an episode. Also, I would experience cravings and then have an episode during my PMS, which is almost totally gone. I also have experienced an overall gradual increase of energy levels which allowed me to better respond to anxiety.

Patient, NYC

The treatments that Dr. Alban has provided me, ranging from acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and acupressure techniques, have helped me immeasurably in dealing with anxiety, vitiligo, and with boosting my immune system in general. Perhaps most important of all, these improvements have afforded me with the confidence that these issues can be dealt with successfully. I had tried other methods before, but found no success until I met with Dr. Alban. On a personal note, I find Dr. Alban’s nature, style, and manner to be professional, considerate, kind, and genuine. I highly recommend him to others.


As an opera and concert singer, getting over an illness quickly can often be the difference between performing or seeing months of hard work wasted. Thanks to treatment and advice from Joseph Alban, I have not only healed more quickly than anticipated, I have experienced effective near term control of symptoms such as runny nose, lethargy, coughing, sore throat, nausea, and general malaise. Through longer TCM treatment, I have also resolved my case of persistent acid reflux. I can say with confidence that I am no longer a “fussy” singer, thanks in large part to Joseph’s TCM treatment.

Phil, Vocalist and Opera Singer, NYC

Joseph Alban was highly recommended to me by a colleague in Canada and I have been his patient for the past year. Joe’s practice is profound and the improvement in my condition over the past months has been exceptional. Additionally, Joe’s explanation about the course of his treatment is thorough and clear and he always follows each session with an e mail check-in. I have recommended Joe to many friends and feel strongly that he is one of the best acupuncture practitioners I have ever worked with.

PM, Producer