I first came to Joe for relief from debilitating sinus headaches. Sinus problems run in my family, and I’d suffered from sinus headaches for years, but I had immediate results with acupuncture. Even after the first visit, I noticed a drastic change. After just a month of treatment, my sinus headaches were completely gone— in fact, I haven’t taken a single sinus pill since I started acupuncture. In addition to wiping out the headaches, acupuncture has increased my energy level and has helped me deal with stress and anxiety. I really look forward to my acupuncture appointments with Joe. I come out feeling relaxed and refreshed, as if the stress of the week has just completely melted away.

E.R., Professor, New York City

The condition that encouraged me to consider acupuncture was intense migraines and high levels of stress. Now, I have included fewer aches and pains in my lower back and neck. My migraines have also disappeared and generally I feel more relaxed and at ease with my stress. The treatments were very personalized and Dr. Alban always took the time to discuss and understand my problems. I never felt like he was in a rush or too busy to treat me – which so often is the case with NYC doctors. During the treatment he always made me feel at ease and when I was done I immediately and always felt much better than when I had entered his practice one hour before. Dr. Alban was always flexible with meeting times and his concern, care and attention for his patience appears to be unprecedented. I have already referred a family members, I would definitely recommend Dr. Alban to anyone seeking acupuncture.

K.F., Brooklyn

I came in to see Joseph without a recommendation (based on his information on the Alban website) with acute sinusitis and a disjointed thumb. We agreed was in direct correlation with the full sinuses (since parts of the hand reflect the face). After 1 session, I felt at least 80% better. The horrible migraines associated with sinusitis dissipated the evening of my first session and I felt I was on the road to recovery. I went in for a second session for my disjointed thumb. It was still very sore and I am the victim of – “Blackberry Thumb”– the latest in tech maladies where it feels as if you have tendonitis of the thumb – ouch! Not fun for a full-time secretary and Blackberry user. After another session, I was relaxed and Joseph really understands the body, mind and spirit. We both have the same belief that “the body will heal itself” and it can. I am trying to limit my topical remedies as well as over the counter muscle relaxers. Just doing the exercises/stretches that Joseph instructed me to do and taking it easy. The next step is too really rebuild my immune system and take better care with a satisfactory diet and exercise regime. I would highly recommend Joseph. His rates are reasonable, his demeanor and personality – stellar, I feel safe, relaxed and totally satisfied with the service Joseph provides. He is inspiring and a master of his medicinal craft!

L.T., New York City

I am 32 years old and I had been struggling with sinus headaches since I was twelve. I had tried everything from routine visits to traditional doctors to humidifiers and other alternative treatments. Joe is the only person who has effectively helped me get rid of these horrible headaches, which frequently disrupted my work and social life. In addition, Joe has helped me control and overcome digestive problems, migraines, and my stubborn eczema with a combination of acupuncture, acupressure, and herbs. A few of his many virtues include his willingness to give you the tools you need to help yourself (i.e. acupressure), his willingness to listen and answer your questions–he is always happy to share his vast knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese herbs–and his generosity–you will always get a full hour and you will leave his office feeling energized and relaxed. I highly recommend Joe!

A.R., Manhattan

I came to see Doctor Joseph Alban because I suffered from migraine very often. I also felt tired and depressed. In addition to the lessening of the migraine frequency I also learned a lot about myself and the imbalances of my body by talking and being listened to by Doctor Joseph Alban. I also appreciate his original approach including acupuncture, Tui Na massage and Chinese herbs. I really feel better.

Isabelle, Jersey City

After suffering for months from horrible, nagging sinus headaches, further complicated by the cumulative stress from caring for my 17-month-old child, I chose to give acupuncture a try. It has been one of the best health decisions that I have made for myself. When I was first diagnosed with sinusitis many months ago, I was prescribed antibiotics and other medication, which did help me recover from the terrible cold and relieve my sinus symptoms. However, since then, every time the weather changed, I was completely debilitated by a horrible sinus headache. I was afraid of future never-ending cycles of antibiotics (or even Tylenol), but caring for my child required me to be functional at full capacity. I was very afraid of the horrendous sinus pain, and was desperate for long-term relief. I did a lot of research and came across acupuncture, including articles that Joe Alban has published online on this topic. I decided to give acupuncture a try, as my doctor has told me acupuncture is a safe alternative from western medicine (i.e., no harm in trying).

Joe is not only very skilled in his techniques (I have never suffered any bruise; I could barely feel the needles), he is very informative and has educated me a great deal about acupuncture. The treatment room is clean and comfortable. Most importantly, after 6 or 7 treatments, I am already feeling drastic improvements of my condition. It is very encouraging for me to know that my body can be restored in a holistic manner, and it is capable to repairing itself. I am very happy to report that my sinus headache, even though it is still present from time to time (as I am not completely through with my treatment), has now become very manageable. Without the sinus pain, I am again able to engage in other activities (such as pilates) which more directly help me reduce stress and improve physical back pain. I am also able to enjoy the outdoor again with my child without the fear of feeling sick simply because the weather changes. I thank Joe and acupuncture for setting me back into a positive health cycle. I highly recommend Joe’s practice to anyone interested.

Patient, NYC