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I would recommend Dr. Alban to my friends and colleagues without reservation! He has extensive training and experience in the U.S. and in China so I have faith in his medical skill and knowledge. His technique is extremely gentle while his manner is caring, quietly confident and reassuring. Specifically, he has lowered my pulse from the 90’s to the 70’s in just one or two treatments. Tight muscles are relieved immediately. My diabetes is improved and well controlled and I have a sense of well being. Thank you Dr. Alban.

G.G. Queens, New York

I suffered two herniated discs in my back due to a running injury shortly after running a half marathon. After my injury, I went to several specialists and was treated with cortisone shots, physical therapy and chiropractic support. None of those efforts paid off and my back was still severely sore. I had pain while walking and difficulty doing normal activities at work and home. Typically, I would have just waited patiently as I healed. This time, however, I was three months away from participating in my first marathon — the Boston marathon — and I very much wanted to at least try to complete my training program and finish the event. One of my doctors recommended acupuncture and I found Joseph Alban online due to his high ratings and location. Joseph was very understanding of my situation and provided me terrific treatment which worked quite quickly. After my first treatment I began to feel better. I started running again… one mile on a treadmill slowly. Then, gradually, I increased my running and moved to Central Park for outdoor running which is much more difficult on the joints. Over time and with continued weekly treatment from Joseph Alban, my back pain significantly declined and I increased my running to prepare for the marathon. Towards the end of my training, my knees began to give me some pain and I asked Joseph to treat them as well. This addition to the weekly treatment helped and I felt ready for the marathon. I completed my training program and ran the Boston Marathon on April 18, 2011. I finished in under four hours, beating my original, pre-injury goal time and I had no back or knee pain (none) during or after the marathon. Thanks to Joseph Alban I accomplished a tremendous personal accomplishment and maintained good health.


After attending Joe Alban’s free workshop, I decided to try acupuncture for the first time. I was specifically interested in addressing my chronic neck pain which began two years ago following an accident. The pain in my neck and lower arm improved almost immediately, and continued to improve following the six visits over a two month period. I attribute my recovery solely to acupuncture and the related exercises that Joe taught me. Throughout this process I also became much more relaxed and better attuned to my body in general. I highly recommend Joe Alban, Acupuncture and Herbs to anyone interested in addressing a health issue.

Michelle, NYC

I have always had back pain here or there. But when I started jogging last spring, I began to have an intensely sharp pain in my tailbone area. X-rays showed nothing wrong. I went to a chiropractor for six months. The pain subsided some, but it was still painful. I could barely sit for five minutes without saving to get up or adjust. I started going to Joe after a colleague highly recommended him. Within three sessions the pain was substantially subsiding. Besides that, I felt better overall – I slept better, I was more relaxed, and I just felt good. After seeing Joe for about five months or so, the pain is completely gone. I’ve even increased my jogging schedule, but the pain is still gone! He also taught me stretching exercises to maintain my healing and recommended I take tai chi for strengthening my lower back. On another note, when I had a horrible sinus infection, I went to him for treatment. I woke up the next day and was almost 100% better. One acupuncture treatment and some herbs did the trick. I have already recommended Joe to several colleagues and will continue to go to him for maintenance as long as I live here. He is the nicest, caring, and talented person – I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

P.C. Manhattan

I recently began acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment with Joseph Alban. This was my first time trying Chinese medicine and I would like to share this very interesting and helpful experience. For me acupuncture treatments worked very quickly and totally healed constant back pain that I have had for years. This remarkable effect has been lasting for 3 months, which is the first time I have found relief. Also, for years, I had a very uncomfortable pain and swelling in my legs. Same as the back pain, the acupuncture and herbs improve a lot this. After few months, I have felt relief from many of my symptoms and an improvement in my general well being. Even my tongue has changed!!!

Monica, Nutrition and Medical Researcher, Hoboken, NJ

Joe is a very caring and concerned practitioner. He is a great listener, which is so important for any kind of caregiver, I think. With his treatments and herb remedies he has prescribed a nagging elbow/shoulder pain problem has gone away. I also have had dramatic improvement with urination issues, watering eyes, and sleep. I am continuing to see him as we are working on some lingering lower back issues.


I suffered from chronic neck pain for more than 4 yrs before being treated by Joseph Alban. As a registered Yoga teacher, I was looking for a treatment that did not involve a prescription medicine that treated only the symptom rather than the underlying cause of the problem. It was the first time I’d ever tried acupuncture and to my amazement Joe took the time to listen and answer any questions and concerns I had regarding my health. After several treatments I started to see results and after several months I was completely pain free! I highly recommend Alban’s acupuncture to anyone with chronic pain.

Patient, New York City

I came to Alban Acupuncture a year ago. My major concern was chronic pain in my neck, back and shoulder. I tried physical therapy, chiropractor, massage and acupuncture without lasting results. After a few months of being treated by Joseph, my condition significantly improved. Presently I’m coming once a month to maintain a good shape. I think Joseph’s method is unique because he combines acupuncture with Chinese massage. Joseph is also helping me with many other problems like palpitations, low energy, stress, seasonal allergies, old knee injury, ankle sprain… Joseph gives a lot of attention to his patients. His approach is holistic. In the beginning of my visit I tell Joe my current complains and he is addressing them in the same session with my chronic neck/back problems. Overall experience from my visits ( I commute from Staten Island to get there!) is so positive that I’d definitely recommend Alban Acupuncture to my friends.

GM, Staten Island