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Five Functions of Acupuncture Channels

It is by virtue of the twelve channels that human life exists, that disease arises, that human beings can be treated and illness cured.  The twelve channels are where the beginners start and the masters end.  To beginners it seems easy; the master knows how difficult it is.

Spiritual Pivot Chapter 17, quoted in A Manual of Acupuncture

The fundamental theory in acupuncture and Chinese medicine is that the body is connected by acupuncture channels.   This is the basic acupuncture anatomical architecture through which disease imbalances are diagnosed and treated.

Acupuncture Meridian Models
Acupuncture Channel Models

Five Functions of Acupuncture Channels

The channels have specific functions in maintaining health.  They help to

The nature of an acupuncture channel

Jing Luo, the Chinese for acupuncture channel, is also often translated as acupuncture meridian.  As a translation, I prefer acupuncture channel over acupuncture meridian, but both terms have their benefits.

Here is a picture of a water channel, the famous Yangtze river in China.  It is deep at parts and shallow at parts.   It winds its way through the mountains, going deep into the ground.

As opposed to the meridian lines on a map.  These give the reader an ability to navigate the geography, but only lie on the surface, but do not go deeper.

The acupuncture channels start at the surface of the body.   Then, like a waterway, delves deep to connect with the organs.  Acupuncture channels are three dimensional, with qi flowing through them like a waterway, not like a map. This is why we can use acupuncture not only for muscular pain but also to treat internal issues like hormone imbalances and digestive problems.

But the acupuncture channels also define and map the interconnections of the body, like the meridians of a map.  So the concept of the meridian also is applicable.

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