Psoriasis is more than a skin condition. It can affect one’s confidence in social situations, causes stress, anxiety, and great physical discomfort.

After trying medications with harsh side effects and therapies that don’t work, many people turn to Chinese medicine, which has been helping people with psoriasis and other skin conditions for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine that understands a skin condition is not only what it looks like on the skin but how it effects the whole person.

Chinese medicine therapies address the underlying imbalance causing the psoriasis. For autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, the concept of imbalances makes perfect sense. The imbalance leads to an autoimmune reaction causing red, raised skin (plaque) and flaky white scales. (1)

Once the imbalances are corrected, your body can work to heal itself and stay healthy. I like to say this is like hitting the reset switch. In this case, resetting the immune system. One of the phenomenal aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it can lead to long-term reduction in psoriasis.