Preventing Montezuma’s Revenge with Chinese Herbs

Anything with the word “revenge” can’t be good.   Commonly called Montezuma’s revenge, traveler’s diarrhea is a common illness for adventurers.

Traveler’s diarrhea was a concern of mine when we were trekking in Peru.  I’ve always known that I had a sensitive stomach when traveling, and I remember getting sick when in other countries.  I wanted to try to avoid it on this trip.

I was still in graduate school during my Peru trip, and I did not have that much experience with treating traveler’s diarrhea.  I asked my favorite teacher, Dr. Kejian Xiao, who is a master herbalist about what … Read More

Chinese herbs for traveling

Next week I am going to Mexico, and in addition to being very excited.

I am preparing for my trip by getting some Chinese herbs which can take care of some stomach issues on the road.

Herbs for Digestion when Traveling

The best all around herbal formula for travelers digestive woes is Huo xiang zheng qi tang, which translates to the Patchoui formula for correcting the qi.

This formula is very useful for mild to moderate stomach problems like traveler’s diarrhea. Take it as soon as you feel a little bad. This is an aromatic formula which boosts digestion through … Read More