Chinese Medicinal Recipies for Summer

Herbs as food, and food as medicine

Healthy Fruits and VeggiesHerbs and spices not only for their good taste but also for good health. Food therapy is an essential part of Chinese Herbal medicine. In addition to the tradition’s emphasis on maintaining a healthy diet, many of the ingredients in herbal formulas come from plants that are also cultivated for food, such as fermented grains, cinnamon, Chinese dates, wolfberries, Chinese yams, lotus plant, among others. In fact, almost all whole foods have some medicinal properties. The difference between a “food” and a “medicine” is the dosage.

Food Therapy

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Herbal Soup Tonic

In Chinese medicine, the sum of the whole is more powerful than the parts. Often herbs are combined together which make them more effective.  That is why herbs are most often prescribed in combination formulas.

Chinese medicinal cooking also takes advantage of combined ingredients for more powerful effects.  The tonic soup Ching bo leung, is a mild tonic and is meant to improve overall health and energy.  It has 7 herbs which are combined to boost the digestive energy and overall health.

Here is how to make this delicious soup.


15 g yi yi ren

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