Mushrooms for Lowering Cholesterol

Mushrooms are phenomenally versatile organisms.  Some are delicious, some are remarkable medicine, and some are both.

When it comes to mushrooms to lower cholesterol, you can have your mushroom and eat it too!

It is important to consult your physician before beginning a mushrooms products particularly if you are taking cholesterol medication.

How can mushrooms lower cholesterol?

Mushrooms are inherently good at lowering cholesterol due to their high fiber and protein content.  Other mushrooms have phytochemicals that help to reduce high cholesterol.

Mushrooms make great protein substitutes for high cholesterol foods.  For example in Asian cuisine, mushrooms are often mixed … Read More

How I used Chinese Medicine to Lower My Cholesterol, Naturally

Chinese herbs to reduce cholesterolA couple years ago on during my routine check up I had a bit of a surprise when I got my blood tests back.

I had 290 total cholesterol with about 230 of that being bad cholesterol.  Normal should be below about 200 total and bad cholesterol should be about 150.  I was stunned.

I began to worry. I didn’t want to take cholesterol medication, I’m young.  So now what?

How I lowered my cholesterol

To cut to the chase, I successfully  lower my total cholesterol from 290 to 209.  And all of that came off of my LDL’s, the … Read More