Cooling Summertime Tea

Summer is here and the weather is getting hot.

Seasonal health has long been a goal of Chinese medicine. In the summer it is important to eat and drink cooling foods.  This helps prevent heat conditions from developing.

Different from eating cold foods, these herbs are cold in nature and cooling to the body.  Eating too many cold temperature and raw foods can damage your qi.

What’s better, is this tea is not only cooling, it is also delicious!

Chrysanthemum flowers and Wolfberry (Ju Hua and Gou ji zi) Tea


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Chinese Medicinal Recipies for Summer

Herbs as food, and food as medicine

Healthy Fruits and VeggiesHerbs and spices not only for their good taste but also for good health. Food therapy is an essential part of Chinese Herbal medicine. In addition to the tradition’s emphasis on maintaining a healthy diet, many of the ingredients in herbal formulas come from plants that are also cultivated for food, such as fermented grains, cinnamon, Chinese dates, wolfberries, Chinese yams, lotus plant, among others. In fact, almost all whole foods have some medicinal properties. The difference between a “food” and a “medicine” is the dosage.

Food Therapy

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Chinese Medicine Health Practices

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are focused on preventing illness not just treatment of disease.

Over the thousands of years of acupuncture’s history, many health practices developed to keep people healthy including diet, exercises, and mind body techniques.

In preventing illnesses, you are your own best doctor.

Food as Medicine

Eating healthy is the best way to prevent illnesses.  Here are some articles which share Chinese medicine dietary therapies and philosophy of food choices.


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Vegetarian Foods from a Chinese Medicine Perspective

Some people are vegetarians for are religious and spiritual reasons, others political and philosophical reasons, and others are for health reasons.

Vegetarianism is certainly a healthy diet for many people , as long as they make healthy food choices.  It takes work in order to build up the nutrients which we find in meat.

I am personally not a vegetarian, but I do eat a plant based diet with small amounts of chicken and fish.  My choice is based upon health reasons and lessening an environmental footprint.

What is Chinese medicine view of Vegetarianism?

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