Acupuncture for Acne Success Story

Acupuncture helps heal the whole person, not just the skin.  In this success story I wanted to share about a young woman who was coming in for acne and IBS with constipation.

Her Story

The two conditions, acne and IBS-C, developed simultaneously after the patient was prescribed a long course of antibiotics to treat food poisoning which she contracted abroad. She had already finished the antibiotics as of the first visit.

Despite taking supplements, she still had frequent constipation, severe pain, and difficulty moving her bowels, and occasional loose stool.

Her acne did not vary with her menstrual cycle. … Read More

Immediate Relief from Shingles

Shingles can cause intense pain.  It comes on strong and can last.  Early treatment is the most effective.

This patient had been a regular in the clinic before.  But this time, she came in with Shingles. I noticed a number of my patients had shingles this spring.

Shingles are a reemergence of the chicken pox virus which usually travels along the course of a nerve. In acupuncture, there is an idea that stored heat can come out in the spring.  A dormant virus can be understood as stored heat.

She is a young woman in her 30’s. The shingles were … Read More