Chinese herbs for Altitude Sickness

This is the second post on herbs for traveling.  This one focuses on altitude sickness.

Peru was our first high altitude trip.  In Peru, we went to the Canyon del Colca, the towns on top of Canyon de Colca are at 3700 meters.  At this height, altitude sickness is an concern.

We had come from Arequipa, a colonial city in the Mountains, resting at about 2300 so there was some time for our bodies to adjust. We took a 6 hour bus ride over dirt roads with the locals and their smaller farm animals, chickens and a baby lamb.

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TCM Treatment for Dyshidrotic Eczema

Dyshidrotic eczema is a specific type of eczema on the hands and feet that causes vesicles, itching, and often fissures. These symptoms tend to flare up cyclically.  It is called dyshidrotic eczema because people with this condition often experience excess sweating from the palms of the hands.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help relieve the itching, swelling, vesicle, and inflammation in dyshidrotic eczema. The goal is to correct the underlying imbalance causing the dyshidrotic eczema, which can lead to long term improvement.

Chinese herbs are thought to regulate the immune system to treat dyshidrotic eczema.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Imbalances Read More

Chinese herbs to relieve eczema

I treat many people for eczema in my clinic.  Recently I have been writing a series on acupuncture and Chinese herbs for eczema.

There is not very much research on the subject, we certainly need more.  My mentor at  Mt. Sinai, Dr. Xiu Min Li, has done significant work on Chinese herbs for immunology.  I wanted to share a story about Chinese herbs for treating eczema from Web MD about a small study in her lab.   The results are positive and show the herbs are safe.  This is encouraging to expand this research to larger studies.

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How Acupuncture Works for Menopause Hot Flashes

News sites all over the internet are talking about a recent study that shows acupuncture can help women reduce hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

In this post, I will explain how acupuncture and Chinese medicine work to treat hot flashes.

Balance Cooling and Warming

The basic idea of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is simple: Health is based on balance. Imbalances in the body lead to illness.  We correct that imbalance with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, the body works to heal itself.

Hot flashes are most often caused by an imbalance called Heat, specifically vacuity heat.

The body has … Read More

Why I Love Being an Acupuncturist

The other day in my office, a new patient lying on the table asked me, “ Do you like being an acupuncturist?”

I was taken back a bit.  “Yes, I love being an acupuncturist.”

“Why?” She asks.

Wow, she is quite an inquisitive patient.

So I thought about it for a second.   I thought about how I love that acupuncture works with the body to heal itself, that it focuses on resetting the body to bring it back to balance, and I love that patients can create their own tool box of techniques to participate in their own healing.


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Acupuncture Calms Itch from Eczema

Eczema causes terrible itching.  The itching in many cases is what leads to the development of dry, irritated, and inflamed skin associated with eczema.  I often use acupuncture to help control the itching in eczema.

A research paper from last year showed that acupuncture helps to reduce itching in people with eczema.  In this study, the researched caused a hypersensitivity reaction in eczema patients.  Then, they used acupuncture to help reduce that itching.

In my NYC Acupuncture clinic I often use acupuncture to help patients with itching from eczema.  I find that auricular and body acupuncture combination to be … Read More

Personalized Acupuncture and Herbs for Eczema

As a Chinese medicine practitioner I am obsessed with treating the right symptoms and imbalances with the right herbs and acupuncture points.  Creating the correct acupuncture point prescription and herbal formula matters.   Giving the wrong formula won’t work.  Sometimes it can actually make the symptoms worse.  For example, in eczema, you cannot use herbs for dry type eczema to treat damp type eczema.

This is also true with topical herbs.  Topical herbs are very powerful for skin conditions, like eczema.    In eczema, we have herbs that are effective for dry eczema, because the herbs will moisten the eczema.  And other … Read More

Correcting Imbalances with Chinese herbs: A Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that imbalances are the cause of disease in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. For autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, the concept of imbalances really makes sense. The immune system is overactive and the body attacks itself. In acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the three most common imbalances that cause the psoriasis are blood heat, blood dryness, and blood stagnation.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture doctors have long said that by removing these imbalances, the acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a natural treatment that acts like hitting the reset switch, in this case, resetting the immune … Read More

The Heartbreak of Psoriasis

“The Heartbreak of Psoriasis” is a phase the author John Updike, a sufferer of psoriasis himself, used to describe his self consciousness with the condition. While psoriasis is a skin condition, it impacts people’s daily lives in social situations and has a significant emotional impact. In addition, psoriasis may cause itching, physical discomfort, and is often associated with arthritic joint pain.   Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used to treat psoriasis for thousands of years.

What Causes Psoriasis?

In both acupuncture theory and western medicine, psoriasis is more than skin deep. Psoriasis is caused by a complex interaction between genetic … Read More

Remedies to Prevent and Treat Common Cold and Flu

It is getting to the heart of winter and cold season.  Chinese medicine and acupuncture have many remedies for preventing colds and treating colds.  Here are some of my best posts about tricks from the Chinese Medicine Cabinet to prevent colds and flus.
Preventing colds for People with Asthma

Recipes for the Common Cold

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