Help with Acupuncture for Somatization Disorders

I serve as an expert on many sites.  Recently, a woman asked me about somatoform disorders, which is a problem of chronic pain and illness with no specific physical cause.  I commonly treat this type of problems in my clinic and it is more common than people think.  Western Medicine does not know everything about the causes of chronic illness, the key is to correct the root imbalance.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the question. I understand that somatoform disorders can be very frustrating and challenging.   I do believe that Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help your situation, in fact I believe it is very suited for your condition. I have personally helped many people with pain and other symptoms live with much less or no pain at all.

In Chinese medicine there is no diagnosis of somatoform disorder, per se, because we do not view the mind and body as disconnected.  Rather, Chinese views the body as an interconnected whole.  It is only natural that our minds and emotions effect our state of health.  We do not divide “real body pain” from the patients’ experiences, rather the condition is just what you are experiencing.  To diagnosis, we look at a constellation of symptoms and how they fit together, such as joint pain, headaches, frequent colds, and mental health, we do not see it as isolated from the entire picture, but part of it to understand what is going on.

The basic idea is that disease happens from imbalances.  Once the imbalance is corrected, your body can work to heal itself. As I mentioned, each person’s overall symptoms are weaved together and creates a holistic picture of what is going on with the patient.  From what you tell me, pain and sore throat, it could be a number of imbalances.

I find that many people suffering from poor health benefit from tai chi or qi gong because it helps boost your energy and improve your circulation.  Tai chi and qi gong are slow moving exercises, that which are more than 3000 years, designed to improve your health.   Many people have used them for improving health and strength while decreasing pain with great success.

I can’t diagnosis or treat over the internet. I recommend finding an acupuncturist in your area to discuss possible treatments.  If you are in New York City, please call me at 917.887.4946 for a consultation when we can discuss your health concerns in greater depth. You can find an acupuncturist in your area through


Joseph Alban, L.Ac.
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