About my Bike Ride (Hint, it’s allergies)

It finally warmed up here in New York (well kind of) and I was out for a bike ride in Central Park.  It was a beautiful sunny blue sky day.   The tulips are in bloom and buds on the trees are coming out.  Everyone is excited to get out on their bike or go for a walk in the park.  Spring is in the air.

Spring being in the air also means pollen is too.  During my ride, my throat became a little scratchy.  My eyes were becoming dry and irritated.   After I returned home, my sinuses felt full and heavy.  Allergies have arrived.

Acupuncture and Herbal Formula for Sinus Congestion

Acupuncture and herbs work wonders to prevent and treat the symptoms of allergies.  Later that day I put myself on a treatment course of acupuncture and herbs to reduce these symptoms and stop the allergies from progressing.

I chose to use an acupuncture point prescription to reduce the itchy eye and boost my qi (energy).  It included acupuncture points such as Large intestine 4, Stomach 36, Liver 3, San Jiao 5, Yin Tang, Du 20.  He Gu, LI 4, helps to ride the head of pain.  SJ 5 reduces eye itchiness.  St 36 boosts qi and Liv 3 clears the wind to reduce the itching.  Yin Tang relaxes and clams pain in the sinuses.

For herbal therapy, I used an herbal formula called The Sinus Congestion Formula which reduces sinus pressure, itchy eyes, and headaches.

After the acupuncture my sinus felt more open and eye itching was relieved.   I’ll keep this acupuncture up weekly during the allergy season.  The herbs are great to reduce the sinus pressure and discomfort.

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