Phenomenal Acupressure for Back Pain

Today I am continuing my series on back pain, sharing the best acupuncture and acupressure points.

A natural reaction to back pain is to rub where it hurts. This can often temporarily relieve the pain. Most people use their fist.  Some people will roll on a tennis ball. You should also massage these acupressure points to help relieve chronic and acute pain.

Small Intestine 3 (SI 3)

SI 3 for back pain

SI 3 is a very effective acupuncture and acupressure point for back pain. It is effective for acute back pain, but also can be massaged regularly for chronic back pain. SI 3 is located on the outside of the hand, directly next to the base of the pinkie. You can rub this point very strongly if the pain is very severe. This is one of the best acupuncture points for back pain.

Kidney 3 (KI 3)

KI 3

KI 3 is a very strong and effective point for back pain. It is better for chronic back pain than acute back pain. KI 3 is located just behind the inside ankle bone. Massage this point everyday is a in order to warm the kidney channel and alleviate back pain.

KI 3 is a very important and widely used acupuncture point. I will write more on it in the next post.

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