Acupuncture Helps Reduce Hot Flashes After Prostate Surgery

Acupuncture on Bladder 23 was used in the study

A recently published study shows acupuncture is effective at relieving hot flashes in men after prostate surgery.   This study showed there was a 68.4% improvement after only two weeks of treatment.  At 6 weeks of treatment, there was an 89.2% improvement.  The researchers followed up 8 months after the treatment concluded which revealed the men maintained an 80.3 % improvement in hot flashes.

The men maintained real improvement for many months after acupuncture treatment.  These results are very promising towards building integrative urology.

In my experience, acupuncture helps not only with the hot flashes after prostate surgery, but acupuncture also reduces incontinence, frequent urination, and sexual dysfunction associated with prostate surgery.

Abstract: International Journal of Raditation Oncology, Biology*Physics

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.
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