Five Things I am Doing For My Allergies

This week my spring allergies kicked in big time. Sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, congestion, and a headache. All this means I feel crappy and tired.

Luckily, I have many therapies at my fingertips for my allergies. Just as I do for my patients, I use a combination of acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal remedies for my allergies. Here are the five things.

1.  Acupuncture for allergies is amazing.  Acupuncture for allergies help to decrease pressure, pain, and headache.  It can open up closed sinuses, and help to reduce itchy eyes and nose.  Some of the best acupuncture points are Large Intestine 4 and Stomach 36 on the hand and leg.  Also, DU 20, UB4, and UB 7 on the head work great.

2. Acupressure for allergies can be done both by an acupuncturist and also the patients themselves.  I teach a routine in my acupressure class at the Open Center called the Dao Yin, which focuses on opening up the sinuses and increasing circulation in the head.  It works wonders.

Start by massaging LI 20 on the side of the nose, and UB 1 near the eyes. Massage the scalp and the ears.   LI 4 and ST 36 are also helpful with acupressure.  I will be writing more about acupressure for allergies, check back soon.

3.  Yin Qiao San is an herbal formula which helps to reduce scratch and sore throat. The formula is focused on releasing wind heat in the body.   It is also effective for itchy eyes, particulatly if the herb man jing zi and ju hua are added to the formula.

4.   My favorite herbal formula for nasal congestion and headache is called Bi Yan Pian.  This literally means nasal clearing formula.  This formula helps to open the sinuses, clear the nose, and reduce headache.  It is very strong, so it is important to begin taking it in moderation.

5.  Cang er zi tang is another formula for nasal congestion.   This herbal formula for allergies I like to use as nasal drops.  The herbs are finely powdered and immersed in sesame oil.  This helps to reduce inflammation directly in the nose and moisten the nasal passage.

Joseph Alban

Joseph Alban, L.Ac.

Joseph Alban is a Doctor of Acupuncture, New York Licensed Acupuncturist, and NCCAOM Board Certified Herbalist providing the highest quality Acupuncture and Chinese medicine care tailored to your needs.

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