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It’s that time of year again. Resolution time. Are you going to get in shape?  Eat healthier? Take care of that chronic back pain? New years is a natural time to think about the future.  That’s a wonderful aspect to New Years resolutions.  It gives us a natural moment to think about change. We all know the problem with New Year’s resolutions. They’re made to be broken.  So what to do? 1.  It’s about change The key to a new years resolution is not to think of it as a special occasion to make a change. You’re just ready to improve yourself, that’s it. 2. Make it small One key way to stick with a resolution is to make it

The immune system is a wonderful thing.  Without it we could not live a second–we would be totally consumed by bacteria and viruses.  But, it is fickle.  It can overreact or react in response to something that is not a pathogen. I’ve recently written a couple posts about acupuncture and allergies.  Allergies are caused by the immune system reacting in a way it should not, and giving us problems.  Asthma is also caused by the immune system overreacting. Why do asthma and allergies often occur together? Asthma and allergies are both caused by a hyper reaction in your immune system. And it is no surprise to those with asthma, that allergies make asthma worse.  The same allergen will also irritate