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Acupuncture is famous for the treatment of chronic pain.  In the clinic we know acupuncture is effective for pain and recently research is supporting that acupuncture is effective for pain. Recently, a very large analysis of research trials, called a meta-analysis, was published focusing on acupuncture for pain. The study shows that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of pain. This was across many pain conditions including back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, chronic headaches, and shoulder pain. Andrew Vickers PhD, the head author, and his team painstakingly reviewed virtually all of the acupuncture research trials which have focused on pain. They had strict criteria for the quality of the studies to be included in their analysis. In the end, the

On Monday is the last class of my Acupressure for Self Healing Class at the Open Center.  My some of students asked for a preview of the class. We will discuss imbalance that cause back pain such as qi stagnation, qi vacuity, dampness, and cold We will cover powerful acupressure points for back pain like Small Intestine 3 and Kidney 3 We’ll discuss San Jiao 5, 6, and 8 for neck pain I will teach you some qi gong and back exercises for back pain and exercises for shoulder pain and neck pain And we’ll review the Dao Yin acupressure and the acupressure tune up

Over the years I have used acupuncture to treat many patients for neck and shoulder pain.  My approach is unique assessing the strength of the energy and using acupuncture and acupressure to correct it. Here are the best posts explaining the theory and treatment of acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain as well as stretches and exercises you can do at home. How acupuncture works for Neck and Shoulder Pain Acupuncture to Relieve Neck and Back Pain Three Reasons Acupressure works to treat Neck and Back Pain Acupuncture for a Rotator Cuff Injury Stretches and Exercises for Shoulder and Neck Pain Exercises for Opening the Shoulder, Neck, and Rotator Cuff Five Essential Stretches for Neck and Shoulder Pain Ten Ways

In this post, I will wrap up my series on acupuncture for shoulder pain with two cases, one about an athlete and the other a retired New Yorker. The Athlete with a Pain in the Neck This patient is a serious athlete in his mid 30’s.  He exercised five times per week, lifting weights in the gym, bike riding, and playing a number of organized sports.  After an injury a few months before, he began to develop pain and stiffness in the right side of his neck.  The pain was worse after lifting weights as well as after cycling. When he came into the office, it was clear he has decrease range of motion in the neck.  Often, after an

Acupuncture is remarkably effective at treating shoulder pain, neck pain, and rotator cuff injuries.  I treat these issues with great success. I recommend these simple stretches as part of my approach to treatment and post therapy maintenance. A Wooden Hinge Gets No Worms There is a saying in Chinese medicine,  “A wooden hinge gets no worms.”  The idea is that a wooden door, cabinet, bench, or stump will get worms because it does not move.  It just sits there.  But a hinge moves all the time and prevents decay.  In other words, move it or loose it. These are exercises which I have collected from many excellent teachers.  They should be performed slowly with smooth movements. You can read more

I treat a lot of neck and shoulder pain with acupuncture and acupressure. After the pain has been reduced, it is important for you to adopt healthy habits in order to prevent the pain from coming back. Here are ten things I tell all my patients with shoulder pain. 1. Get a backpack with two straps. Bags with single straps are often not balanced. 2. Do breathing exercises to relax the auxiliary respiratory muscles of the neck. 3. Sleep!  If you can’t sleep, get acupuncture for insomnia. 4. Stretch your neck and shoulders. 5. Be aware when you are uncomfortable and in pain and try to adjust your body. 6. Use a wrist support for your keyboard and your mouse.