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Qi is the body’s energy (Qi is pronounced “chee,” and is sometimes spelled “chi.”) There is a mystical aspect to qi. In Chinese philosophy, qi is the building blocks of the universe. Energy combines and multiplies. It is the universal energy present in all living things as well as nature. But there is a practical aspect to qi as well. Qi is the energy we use to keep us healthy. It allows us to work, grow, exercise, and reproduce. Imbalances in the qi can lead to many health issues. Qi needs to be abundant and circulate through channels in the body or else illness occurs. In Chinese medicine, it is said “When the qi flows there is no pain, when

Overactive bladder is a syndrome characterized by the frequent, strong, and sudden urge to urinate. The syndrome can seriously disrupt your life by interrupting your work and make you avoid social situations. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help.  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been treating syndromes of frequent urination for over 2000 years. How Acupuncture Treats Overactive Bladder   Acupuncture helps reduce the symptoms of overactive bladder by relaxing the nerves and muscles associated with the bladder.  Overactive bladder may be caused from bladder spasm creating the sudden need to urinate or a sudden feeling of urination when the bladder is filling, although it is not totally full. Contraction of the pelvic floor muscles may also be a factor.  Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a becoming a popular choice for helping to reduce seasonal allergies. Acupuncture offers an effective drug free treatment.  So you can smell the flowers without worrying about being too drowsy and foggy brained. Acupuncture is different than taking a pill Antihistamines are commonly taken for allergies.  These are medicines which block the chemicals called histamines that cause the symptoms of allergies. Acupuncture is different.  Chinese medicine works by correcting imbalances in your body, stimulating your own body to heal itself.  So instead of simply suppressing the body’s reaction, it works to correct the root cause of the problem. In other words, acupuncture helps to reset the body and remind it how to be healthy.  As balance is achieved,

Stomach 36 (ST 36) is one of the most important and commonly used acupuncture points.  The Chinese is Zu San Li, meaning literally “three leg miles.” This is because you can rub this point for extra energy when you have been working all day. ST 36 can be used for diseases of the abdomen, chest, and face because these are the areas through which the channel runs. Location: To locate ST 36 find the bump on your bone about one inch below the knee. This bump is called the tibial tuberosity. ST 36 is level with the bottom of the tibial tuberosity, one thumb width towards the outside of the leg. Symptoms: ST 36 is one of the most important