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The success of an acupuncture treatment lies in the details.  This is what I call the art of electro-acupuncture is in the details of how one uses the therapy.  The specific stimulation machine, proper selection of acupuncture points, how long you use the stimulation, and the proper frequency are all factors in success of the therapy. Acupuncture Microstim In my acupuncture clinic, we use the Pantheon Research microstim machine.  This is one the highest quality machines ensure a safe and effective treatment.  Microstim means that the amplitude of the electric stimulation is much smaller.  This is much more comfortable for the patient. Acupuncture Point Selection Selecting the best acupuncture points is important when using the electro-acupuncture.  The acupuncture points should be

Over the years I have used acupuncture to treat many patients for neck and shoulder pain.  My approach is unique assessing the strength of the energy and using acupuncture and acupressure to correct it. Here are the best posts explaining the theory and treatment of acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain as well as stretches and exercises you can do at home. How acupuncture works for Neck and Shoulder Pain Acupuncture to Relieve Neck and Back Pain Three Reasons Acupressure works to treat Neck and Back Pain Acupuncture for a Rotator Cuff Injury Stretches and Exercises for Shoulder and Neck Pain Exercises for Opening the Shoulder, Neck, and Rotator Cuff Five Essential Stretches for Neck and Shoulder Pain Ten Ways

Everyone in my New York Acupuncture clinic is talking about the article in last week’s New York Times. This article tells how NFL players are now regularly using acupuncture to help heal from injuries and recover from their grueling schedule. Many pro athletes are now using acupuncture as part of their health maintenance program.  Acupuncture can help serious athletes by keeping muscles loose, decreasing inflammation, and increasing circulation.  Of course, it also can treat specific ailments as well, like rotator cuff injuries, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, and elbow pain. photo: Willie Parker

As a New York acupuncturist, I see a lot of different types of people with shoulder pain. Mothers, athletes, mature individuals, artists working on a draft board, and those stuck at their desks working on a computer.  Continuing my series on neck and shoulder pain, I wanted to share a few success stories.  Today I will write about two young mothers with shoulder pain and how their individualized treatment helped them feel better. A young mother with shoulder pain Young mothers are prone to shoulder pain from lifting babies, diaper bags, and strollers, not to mention the stress associated with being a mom.  This woman was in her mid thirties with two small children.  She developed nagging shoulder and neck

Acupuncture for shoulder pain is most effective when it is combined with acupressure.  Acupressure, also called Tui Na or Chinese medical massage, has a wide range of styles.   I studied in China with Dr. Xiao, who was famous for his unique Tui Na technique.  He focused on the rolling technique which has a particular ability to relieve shoulder pain. Tui na, as part of Chinese medicine, uses massage techniques to stimulate acupuncture points and channels.   Dr. Xiao’s technique is unique, because it not only uses his hands in the rolling, but he also make the wrist very flexible.  This unique twist on rolling technique is a revolution, allowing the technique to be used almost anywhere in the body, and

The neck and shoulders are thoroughly integrated.  So much so that pain in your neck often comes from trigger points on your shoulder. This is why I treat the neck and shoulders together with acupuncture. Chronic neck and shoulder pain is a very common problem in contemporary society from computer overuse, stress, and poor posture. The acupuncture will deeply relax the muscles and related trigger points in the neck and shoulder.  Acupuncture treatment often leads to long term pain relief. For most people, neck and shoulder pain develops over time. At one point, your body was healthy and pain free. However, an injury or chronic stress leads to the development of chronic pain. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine work by bringing

The majority of Americans are in chronic pain or have experienced it.  More and more, people are seeking acupuncture for relieve of all types of chronic pain, from back pain and neck pain, to headaches and migraines, or chronic pelvic pain. Pain can affect almost every system in the body and develops from many sources.It can occur from a chronic immune disorder, after an infection, from a physical injury, or from emotional stress. Often, pain stays around a long time after an injury has healed. As a teenager, I first sought out acupuncture to treat my own chronic pain. For several years I suffered from back pain. It was quite severe for my age, keeping me from playing sports, getting