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Many people find it hard to recover from an injury even with rounds of therapy. Stellar athletes, weekend warriors, people working in an office with with repetitive stress injuries,  and older individuals can all have problems recovering from an injury.  Many of my patients have tried dozens of therapies before finding their way to our acupuncture office. Electro-acupuncture has a unique effect to help individuals who have stubborn injuries and chronic pain. Not only does acupuncture reduce pain and inflammation, but acupuncture also stimulates the growth of muscle tissue. In a report at the Experimental Biology 2012 meeting suggests that electro-acupuncture helps to stimulate muscle tissue regrowth.  The research group showed that acupuncture reversed the decrease in muscle mass in

Acupressure is the massage of acupressure points and channels.   I often use acupressure and tui na (Chinese medical massage) combined with with acupuncture in my clinic. Acupressure in context To really understand how acupressure works, we have to see it as part of the whole of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years.  The first book of Chinese medicine is called the Huang di nei jing, or the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Cannon.    The book is a conversation between the Yellow Emperor and his doctor, named Qi Bo.  Qi bo explains that health comes from a state of balance within the body, and between the body and the environment.  To prevent illness, people should live a balanced

On Monday is the last class of my Acupressure for Self Healing Class at the Open Center.  My some of students asked for a preview of the class. We will discuss imbalance that cause back pain such as qi stagnation, qi vacuity, dampness, and cold We will cover powerful acupressure points for back pain like Small Intestine 3 and Kidney 3 We’ll discuss San Jiao 5, 6, and 8 for neck pain I will teach you some qi gong and back exercises for back pain and exercises for shoulder pain and neck pain And we’ll review the Dao Yin acupressure and the acupressure tune up

Over the years I have used acupuncture to treat many patients for neck and shoulder pain.  My approach is unique assessing the strength of the energy and using acupuncture and acupressure to correct it. Here are the best posts explaining the theory and treatment of acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain as well as stretches and exercises you can do at home. How acupuncture works for Neck and Shoulder Pain Acupuncture to Relieve Neck and Back Pain Three Reasons Acupressure works to treat Neck and Back Pain Acupuncture for a Rotator Cuff Injury Stretches and Exercises for Shoulder and Neck Pain Exercises for Opening the Shoulder, Neck, and Rotator Cuff Five Essential Stretches for Neck and Shoulder Pain Ten Ways