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It’s that time of year again. Resolution time. Are you going to get in shape?  Eat healthier? Take care of that chronic back pain? New years is a natural time to think about the future.  That’s a wonderful aspect to New Years resolutions.  It gives us a natural moment to think about change. We all know the problem with New Year’s resolutions. They’re made to be broken.  So what to do? 1.  It’s about change The key to a new years resolution is not to think of it as a special occasion to make a change. You’re just ready to improve yourself, that’s it. 2. Make it small One key way to stick with a resolution is to make it

Chronic back pain and neck pain often develops after a car accident.   It can happen directly after the accident or gradually over a period of time.   Sometimes, people with chronic neck and back pain just doesn’t seem to get better, no matter what they try, even if there are no findings on the x-rays and MRI tests. Acupuncture is very effective at reducing chronic back pain after a car accident. In acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine  the concept of circulation is unique and can be the reason acupuncture works when other therapies do not. Acupuncture Meridians The body is interconnected by acupuncture channels and meridians.  These connect and protect the body.  An injury or car accident causes a disruption in

This is the fourth article in a series focusing on acupuncture for back pain. Car accidents, injuries, and training are not the only reason people develop back pain. Stress is also be a significant cause of back pain. Acupuncture is very effective for stress induced back pain because it can address both the physical and mental aspects of the cause of the pain. This patient came to me with chronic back pain on the lower left side. When I asked where the pain was specifically, she pointed to the sacro iliac joint. This is a very common location for lower back pain.  Stress also causes back pain by creating muscle tension and spasms. She had back pain for a number

People with back pain often find relief in acupuncture after other treatments have not worked. From a Chinese medicine and acupuncture point of view, this is because the underlying imbalance was not corrected.  A successful treatment must be tailored specifically to what is going on with your back. Physiologically, it is because acupuncture works holistically with the body, address many levels of the pain and condition.  It works to relax the muscles, stimulate healing in the connective tissues, and reset the nervous system. What are the imbalances that would need correcting? There is an old saying in Acupuncture.  “When there is no movement, there is pain.  When there is movement, there is no pain.” Qi, the body’s energy flows through

Today I am continuing my series on back pain, sharing the best acupuncture and acupressure points. A natural reaction to back pain is to rub where it hurts. This can often temporarily relieve the pain. Most people use their fist.  Some people will roll on a tennis ball. You should also massage these acupressure points to help relieve chronic and acute pain. Small Intestine 3 (SI 3) SI 3 is a very effective acupuncture and acupressure point for back pain. It is effective for acute back pain, but also can be massaged regularly for chronic back pain. SI 3 is located on the outside of the hand, directly next to the base of the pinkie. You can rub this point